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The 3 Marketing Skills that Every Entrepreneur Should Have


Marketing essentials for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, I wear many hats. I’m my company’s chief accountant, salesperson, strategist, and product-builder. I’m responsible for making sure that my business stays thriving six months and six years from now. It’s exhausting, scary, and highly rewarding — all at once.

The biggest challenge that I face is that there are only 24 hours in the day. With 8 hours spent sleeping, I have very little time to be everything to everyone. I’m constantly in the trenches, working with my existing customers, which means that I have very little time to build marketing campaigns, guest blog, and build the infrastructure that I need to keep my business growing sustainably.

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Better Than LinkedIn? GA Grad Builds New Professional Networking App

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Renuka Agarwal

Who says you can’t find a job on your phone? Companies have been dabbling in mobile networking for years now, and Renuka Agarwal thinks she can do it better. With her newfound back-end web development skills, she launched BOND, a user-friendly mobile app that makes networking easy and fun.

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