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This Week In Digital Marketing: What You Need to Know [VIDEO]


Each week, General Assembly’s online learning platform “The Essentials of Digital Marketing” provides students at large companies with a quick recap of news in the world of online marketing. This week’s installment of EDM Headlines features Amazon’s new online advertising platform “Amazon Sponsored Links,” Forbes’ findings from a recent C-level executive survey, Procter & Gamble’s strong foothold in the Chinese market, and more. Watch the quick 2 minute video above to get the latest updates in the world of digital marketing.

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Welcome Aboard: WDI Grad Transitions from Student to Staff Member


James Elliot

James became a part of the General Assembly community after taking our Programming for Non-Programmers course in London. Shortly after, he moved to New York City to participate in our Web Development Immersive

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(7 + 1) Training Tips: Creating Amazing Learning Experiences


students image

If you’ve ever sat though a university lecture, you know that in less than forty-five minutes a professor will skim over tons of theories and concepts, jumping from idea to idea, leaving you in a state of bewilderment. Students are provided with the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and then left to their own devices to make sense of it. The problems continue in the business world, where jargon filled PowerPoints flood the boardroom. There must be a better way.

Developing and delivering training that will make a measurable impact requires a fresh approach. There’s no cookie-cutter formula, but here are 7+1 lessons to get you thinking.

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Instructor Spotlight: Jacob Cohen Discusses Digital Trends & User Experience Design


User Experience Design Instructor Jacob Cohen Image

Jacob Cohen is the founder of Stackhouse, a design consultancy focused on content strategy, e-commerce solutions, and app production. Jacob teaches enterprise level training programs for General Assembly on topics related to digital trends and user experience.

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The Loyalty Loop: How to Make Me a Customer for Life


loyalty loopIf I think about the most amazing experiences in my life, becoming a mom is definitely one of them. I’ve had a complete shift in perspective going from being the child of a parent to the parent of a child. Becoming a parent changes your life in so many profound and fundamental ways: your ability to love, your capacity to give unconditionally, your belief in the wonders of life, your willingness to function on almost no sleep.

As a new mom every moment is precious. I have millions of brand new problems that I need solutions for, so if you can give me solutions that will save me time and energy, I want to know you and hold on tight.

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10 Elements of An Engaging Online Training Platform


Emily Witko Image

Emily Witko is the Online Engagement Manager for General Assembly Enterprise. She executes engagement strategies for GA’s enterprise level training platform, “The Essentials of Digital Marketing.”

When it comes to online learning, one of the toughest challenges is ensuring that your employee base remains active and engaged in completing online lessons over extended periods of time. Engagement is one of the top metrics for illustrating the success of an online training program for obvious reasons launching an online training solution that doesn’t get used by your employees is a significant waste of budget and may increase skepticism towards the effectiveness of future training solutions. So how can organizations provide online training that is both informative and engaging over time?

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Managing Open & Fluid Teams: 3 Tips For Organizing Teams That Are Quick & Responsive


Design Thinking Workshop Image

Today’s digital world moves at a million miles an hour. As a result, teams that are slow to respond to incoming information due to organizational constraints stand to miss out on large opportunities for engaging their customer base. On the other hand, for corporate teams that are quick and agile, this spells opportunity. Smaller, agile teams are often at an advantage when it comes to responding to the needs, interests, and concerns of their customers.

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Why Some of the Biggest, Most Successful Companies Come to GA to Learn


We’ve had a great relationship with The Wall Street Journal over the past three years. However, in a recent story that took a look at a number of executive training programs, including GA’s Enterprise offering, we feel like the Journal missed their mark.

In the story, clients investing in digital training were characterized as organizations led by clueless individuals who need to learn how to tweet. That’s not true, at least for the clients we’ve seen at GA.

Companies investing in digital training aren’t clueless, in fact they’re the

  • Our clients are forward thinking organizations which have recognized  that we’ve entered a digital era and that they can’t continue business as usual, and are investing in their employees as a result. You’ll notice that the companies highlighted in the article (American Express, NYSE Euronext, DraftFCB) are all leaders in their industries. And that’s because they know how important it is to invest in their workforces to remain market leaders, and to continue to deliver exceptional products/services to their customers.
  • Participants coming through our programs are far from clueless. It is 2013, so there are few, if any, executives who haven’t led, or played a major role in a successful digital initiative. None of our participants say “interwebs” (without an ironic smirk), and they all know what Facebook is, and what it looks like. By recognizing that there is always more to learn, they’re actually ahead of their competitors.

Learning how to tweet isn’t a good investment of time for groups of senior executives, and it’s not what we teach.

  • We focus our training on building a common understanding and language around the impact digital forces are having on a specific company;
  • Understanding how these forces and digital tools should change the way they build products, communicate with their customers, and manage/structure their teams; and
  • Developing a set of tactical actions that can be applied to real business problems and drive change after the program.

Enterprise was born out of the recognition of one of the country’s top CMOs that her organization needed to learn the most recent digital trends, and also have the structure, and space to reflect on the implications for her organization.

We have worked with more than 20 consumer-facing Fortune 500 companies, in the past year and a half, none of which are clueless.

Michael Robson is General Manager, Enterprise at General Assembly.