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Why Where You Work Can Be More Important Than What You Do


It's time we rethink the idea of a "dream job"

In my work as a creative career coach since 2008, I’ve seen this over and over again.

I’ve seen my clients think they’re in the wrong profession, only to realize it was where they were — not what they were doing — that was broken.

I’ve worked with my clients on clarifying and prioritizing their non-negotiable work qualities, and the type of work they were doing was less important than where they got to do it, and with who.

As long as they were working with insert-certain-type-of-people here on insert-bigger-mission-here, their own responsibilities mattered less and less.

At first, I was surprised at this finding. I was surprised hearing an affirmative response to the question, “Is where you work more important than what you do?” But then I kept hearing it. Again, and again, and again.

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11 Skills You Need to Land Your Dream Marketing Job


Dream Marketing Job

In 2015, the Harvard Business Review proclaimed that marketing is dead and loyalty killed it. What does that really mean for established marketers and those looking to forge a career in the field of marketing?

In today’s business climate, consumers are frequently seeking solutions to their problems. Often, they’re able to find multiple possible solutions just from running a simple Google search. These solutions often come in the form of online tools that make us more productive at work, products that make our lives easier, and experiences that help us grow in both our personal lives and careers. On the flip side, you deserve to pursue meaningful work.

This means that the tools, products, and brands that are willing to offer as much value as possible to their prospective customers without requiring them pay or sign up for a seven-day trial with their credit cards, are going to build the most meaningful customer relationships.

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