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Top Creative Marketing Campaigns Making Waves This Summer


From Disney to KFC—see which brands are taking a bite out of this summer with big campaigns, product launches, and more in this installment of Digital Marketing Headlines.

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Eye on Alumni: Charlotte Chen, CMO of Spottly


Charlotte Chen is the Co-Founder and CMO of Spottly, a travel journal app that’s been featured in the LA Times and Tech in Asia. Charlotte is also a graduate of our Digital Marketing Course in Hong Kong where she created Spottly’s digital marketing plan. We caught up with Charlotte on all of the exciting things Spottly has been up to.


What is Spottly?

Spottly is a location-based social travel app for people to discover and create awesome travel guides of places you’ve been to or places you want to go to. If you’re a wanderer, explorer or dreamer – we put a world of amazing destinations in your back pocket. Our offices are based in Hong Kong and we’ve been seed invested by 500Startups. Continue reading

Retooling and Loving Your (Current) Career


Nora De is a producer, new media strategist, and GA Digital Marketing graduate. Some of her recent projects include forming a crowdsourcing educational foundation, a web-series on tech-dating, and creating strategic video for a recently released social app. This blog post examines ways to thrive in your current career while exploring the possibilities in a new one. The article that inspired this post is here.

In 2013 I applied for a job with Refinery29 using a video cover letter. The “cover letter” I created was thoughtful and specific to my prospective employer: It mimicked some elements of Refinery29’s look, it showed I had knowledge of stop motion and how to edit video– all things they were looking for in a creative content maker. 4 hours after sending it to them, I was called to interview.

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5 Reasons You Need Marketing Skills (and How to Get Them)


I hate Facebook braggers as much as anyone, but I’ve got to admit that the world looks a lot more like a marketplace than it used to. A certain amount of branding and curation goes into our online personas, which inform others on our opinions, ideas, careers, and how we see the world. Given that reality, we’re all unofficially marketers.

But that’s not the only reason that having a few marketing skills in your professional toolkit isn’t a bad thing. In fact, learning how to think and operate like a marketer is increasingly important, no matter what your personality or your career path. Here’s why.

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The Truth About Social Media Measurement


Kelley is the lead on marketing and social sales strategy at The Honey Bee Company and Digital Marketing Instructor at GA in NYC.

One of the biggest challenges that marketers face—whether coming from a Fortune 500 or a scrappy startup—is how to measure the effectiveness of their social media efforts. This challenge is often answered with elaborate dashboards, data visualization maps and obscure metrics that are so complex no one in the room can understand—including the presenter.  The aforementioned charts, graphs, and maps may look pretty (and keep agencies employed), but they leave us lost.  And the problem perpetuates because marketers, more so than most other professionals, never admit when we’re lost.

Because the truth is, there is no clear-cut way to measure social media.

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7 Steps to Running an Effective A/B Test on Your Email Marketing


Email marketing has grown to become of the most important components of an effective marketing strategy. Often cited as one of the most powerful marketing channels for a given company, email marketing can be used to achieve a variety of goals, such as growing your reach, educating your audience, generating sales leads, and converting those sales leads into customers. With such great potential for helping you achieve these numerous goals, email marketing should be one of your primary focuses as a marketer.

But it’s not enough to just be doing email marketing. You should also be constantly striving to optimize your email marketing to yield better and better results.

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Alumni Interview: Chris Brady


Meet Chris Brady, recent graduate of General Assembly Boston‘s 10-week Digital Marketing course. Chris is a Senior Digital Strategist at Velir, a full-service digital agency based in Boston that focuses on non-profit clients around the country.

1. What inspired you to pursue a career in digital marketing?

Throughout my career, I’ve had a trend of enabling the companies I work for to be successful online. When you see the impact that effective digital marketing can have on an organization, it is a really powerful opportunity. I like pushing the envelope of what is possible online and love that digital marketing is always evolving and changing.

I love the idea that you can’t get into the pattern where you approach something the same way. There are always new things to learn – or unlearn – everyday.

2. What is something you think marketers overlook?

I think the number one thing marketers need to do is to get outside of their own head in regards to the material they are producing. Often, messages go through so many hands internally that it is a strong reflection of the internal company.

It is much more important to get in the head of users, see their perspective, and identify what those users experience in their day-to-day lives that your marketing can address.

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Alumni Interview: Edward Drax


Meet Edward Drax, graduate of General Assembly London’s 10-week Digital Marketing and 10-week Front-End Web Development programs. His career previously spanned advertising (at Saatchi & Saatchi), commercial property development, and a health and wellness business. Edward currently serves as Managing Director of Expense Magic, a mobile and web app that removes the pain of capturing, processing and storing receipts and expenses.

1. Why learn digital marketing when you also have a business to run?

While Expense Magic is part of Paperless Receipts, we are essentially a startup within the larger business. So I recognized early on that traditional marketing would be too expensive, too immeasurable, and too slow for us.

I’d been reading a lot about Push-Pull strategies and the importance of building a relationship with customers, and realized that digital marketing was the way forward. The ability to acquire your true target audience, converse with it, and track how you’re doing every step of the way – I wanted to understand in more depth how to do this.

2. You’ve had experience working with brands both small and big. How would you say digital marketing applies to more established players?

Mastering digital is just as important for big global businesses as it is for small nimble startups. For example, look at Burberry, and see how they are shaking up the fashion industry! For big businesses, it is no longer the case of “I have a product. These are the benefits. You will use it.” It is about establishing a community of followers, and letting people know that you’re here to listen and solve their problems. That is the role digital marketing plays, and if you’re not prepared to listen to your customers, someone else will.

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