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An Employer Guide to Investing in Talent

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Employer Sponsored Education

This piece has been adapted from Talent EconomyRead General Assembly and Whiteboard Advisors’ full white paper, Investing in Talent, here (PDF).

Amid complex external and economic pressures, companies must face the reality that the nature of business is changing. The pace of technological change continues to accelerate, and in an era in which the shelf life of skills is less than five years, it is critical for employers to prepare their workers to adapt to the shifting demands of work in the digital age.

The good news for employers is that current federal policy provides tax-advantaged opportunities for companies to support employees’ educational aspirations. Rooted in sections 117, 127, and 132 of the tax code, educational tax benefits are somewhat unique in that they provide a double benefit: They are both deductible for the employer, and tax free to the employee.

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9 Digital Trends for Enterprises in 2016


trends door

While the open door is metaphorically welcoming you into 2016, each of these stars represents an important trend you want to know about.

Through our work equipping leading corporations with the capabilities they need to succeed in the digital age, the GA Corporate Training team is consistently learning new trends that matter to enterprises. In this article, we’ve highlighted 9 of the trends that we’re really excited about for next year: these are the things we can’t wait to explore in depth with our clients in 2016:

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