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6 Takeaways from Europe’s Hottest Tech Conference


Source: Web Summit Blog

General Assembly’s corporate learning team was in attendance at Web Summit 2015, November 3-5, 2015, for its final year in Dublin. Bringing together some of the leading names from large brands, agencies, media, and startups–not to mention investors and the odd celebrity–Web Summit is the leading tech conference in Europe, with over 20,000 people from 100 countries in attendance.

Here we provide a digest of the most prescient trends, themes, and insights. Filtering out the noise, the sales pitches, and the occasional dud speaker, let’s discuss the most compelling takeaways from the three days:

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Alumni Interview: John Wander & Ameet Mehta


John Wander and Ameet Mehta are graduates of Los Angeles’ Digital Marketing course and co-founders of CHNL, a simple and beautiful way to share content from the web that allows users, professionals, influencers and brands to collaborate and share information publicly and privately. They brought their need for a digital marketing strategy to their GA course and have graduated ready and able to drive CHNL’s growth.

What do you think about Los Angeles and General Assembly?

John: LA is important right now and content is king is pretty real right now; Ameet and I have been around the since web 1.0. And what is separating successful companies today is content, and LA plays a much bigger role than it ever has because a lot of the content creation is done down here.

Ameet: A lot of technological innovation is being done up in the Bay Area but then a lot of business is happening down here in LA. There is a need for really good developers here in LA. I am a developer and it has been a challenge finding good developers but places like GA teaching the immersive courses is huge. GA is providing a resource for LA.

Tell us about your life before coming to GA & why you took this course?

John: I’ve been an entrepreneur in start-ups in a business development role, my background is in investment banking and I’ve been involved in an angel investor network, and was doing all this until I quit it all to dive headfirst into CHNL. The reason I took the GA course was because it was important for: a. to go really deep into an understanding of the whole process and implementation of a digital marketing strategy and b. hire the right person for our company and be able to measure their success.
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