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LA Jobs and Java



How do you take your coffee? Milk, sugar? How about a spoonful of career advice? We’ve partnered with Timeout LA to offer career counseling for people interested in exploring jobs in technology, business, or design.

Each week we will select a coffee shop in LA and send a team familiar with the LA startup scene to help people find their path.

We’ve created the ultimate cheat-sheet for you below to get some quick facts on some of the best coffee spots in LA. To learn more about the vibe of each place, check out the full write-up on Timeout LA.

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Raw Materials: Craft Coffee



Name: Craft Coffee
GA Member Since: January, 2011
Employees: 3
Hiring? Yes! A kickass full-stack Rails developer.

Craft Coffee is a coffee discovery service dedicated to spreading the awesomeness of small-batch, artisan coffee to the masses. Each month they hand-select premium coffees from small artisan roasters around the country, and only their absolute favorites make it into a monthly tasting box delivered to subscribers. Their coffee powers General Assembly’s coffee station, which in turn powers, well, all of us. Check out the raw materials we found on their desks, and a bit of commentary from them on each item:

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