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5 Things Great Product Managers Do Every Day


Assessing-You-Products-Market-ViabilityMy favorite product managers are quietly powerful. Every day they take small steps that move their teams and business forward in a meaningful way. But they do it without a lot of hoopla, taking a confident yet unassuming approach.

After all, product managers have a lot on their plate every day. They are responsible for the strategy, roadmap, and feature definition for their product. It is a big responsibility that requires facilitating and collaborating with many different teams — both internal and external — without the formal authority to manage those teams. It requires a unique mix of humility and strength.

However, that quiet power does not mean leading product is easy. I realized early on that the daily life of a product manager is unpredictable, hectic, and sometimes very tough.

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4 Mental Blocks Preventing You From Landing Your Dream Job (and How To Get Over Them)



In today’s ever-changing economy, searching for a job is hard work. The number of jobs, types of jobs, and even pathways into jobs are transforming at a pace that can feel impossible to keep up with. Add the desire to find a career that feels meaningful and fulfilling, and the job search can becoming a maddening task.

The path to a successful job search often starts with your own mindset. Consider how you think about yourself, your options, and the process to landing a job. These answers will help you form the foundation for the results you can achieve.

As a coach, educator, and practitioner, I work with clients to help them overcome common mental hang-ups that may be preventing them from landing their dream job.

Below are four of the negative mindsets that I see most often, and strategies you can use to overcome them.

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3 Reasons Startups Are the Best For Career Development


pic jumbo

At a time when recent college graduates are looking at roughly 8.5 percent unemployment and 16.8 percent underemployment, applying to a startup job might be you’re best bet.

Luckily, working at a startup also provides you with amazing opportunities for personal growth and professional development.

Don’t believe me? Here are three reasons why startups are the best career development bootcamp.

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UX, Visual, or Graphic: Which Type of Design Is Right for You?


UX Design Image
  • CC Image Courtesy of Thomas Brasington on Flickr

You can be pardoned for sometimes feeling confused about all the terminology and job titles floating around the design world. What is the difference between graphic design, visual design, and user experience design? Do the three roles provide a different service? For visual and graphic designers, the difference may lie mainly in the job title and salary expectations. However, a user experience designer has very different end-goals and responsibilities from a visual or graphic designers. Below, a breakdown of what each of these designers does. Continue reading

This Simple Exercise Will Help You Find Meaningful Work


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Adam Smiley Poswolsky is the author of The Quarter-Life Breakthrough, a guide for millennials to find meaningful work, and Instructor at General Assembly San Francisco. In this post, Smiley demonstrates a helpful exercise to find meaningful work by uncovering your unique gifts.

A lot of people spend years searching in vain for the “perfect job.” At the age of 30, having already had eight jobs since college, I’ve accepted the possibility that the perfect job might not exist for everyone, and that the perfect job at 22 is different than at the age of 30. I’ve realized that finding meaningful work is less about perfection and more about alignment: finding the right job for you.

Many people realize what’s meaningful to them by first discovering what isn’t. Two years ago I left a job working for the federal government because the job wasn’t the right fit for me. I was working for the U.S. Peace Corps in Washington, D.C., an incredible organization that is deeply aligned with my values. The problem was what I was doing every day was not in alignment with my gifts, the impact I wanted to make, or my desired quality of life.

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50 Ways To Get A Job


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There are eight distinct phases we all encounter when pursuing our careers: Starting, Finding My Purpose, Overwhelmed, Learning New Skills, Networking, Stuck, Applying for Jobs and Interviewing. Our friends at 50waystogetajob.com have set out to abandon the cliche career advice we’ve all heard too many times, and compiled 50 tangible missions that anyone can do to get a job.

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How to Find a UX Design Job: Chapter 2


finding ux design job

Rain is a GA UX Design Immersive graduate, full time UX designer, and fan of good clean designs. Her background is in architecture and product design. In her spare time she is either at the gym or coming up with new app ideas. In this blog she tells her story of finding a job and her insights to the London UX field. You can read her first chapter here.

So now everything is in place and order, you put yourself out there and have the basics to get people interested. What’s next?

Setting expectations: I went into the job market knowing UX is a booming market with huge demand and very little supply. My expectations were sky high. I expected high volume phone calls and interviews and thought I would find a job within 2-3 weeks. So let’s bring it back to reality a little. Yes, there is demand, and yes, there is short supply but also, I had very little real life experience and most companies simply don’t have the time to teach you.

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How to Find a UX Design Job: Chapter 1



Rain is a recent GA UX Design Immersive graduate, full time UX designer, and fan of good clean designs. Her background is in architecture and product design. In her spare time she is either at the gym or coming up with new app ideas. In this blog series, she shares her story of finding a job and her insights on the London UX field.

The first part of my UX journey was done. I was a qualified UX designer with limited experience, a limited portfolio of work, and a CV that still read ‘Interior designer’. Before I jumped into getting a job or even an interview, there was a lot of prep work I had to do to even be considered. This is chapter 1 of 3 in which I will explain the process I went through to find a job in UX.

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Retooling and Loving Your (Current) Career



Nora De is a producer, new media strategist, and GA Digital Marketing graduate. Some of her recent projects include forming a crowdsourcing educational foundation, a web-series on tech-dating, and creating strategic video for a recently released social app. This blog post examines ways to thrive in your current career while exploring the possibilities in a new one. The article that inspired this post is here.

In 2013 I applied for a job with Refinery29 using a video cover letter. The “cover letter” I created was thoughtful and specific to my prospective employer: It mimicked some elements of Refinery29’s look, it showed I had knowledge of stop motion and how to edit video– all things they were looking for in a creative content maker. 4 hours after sending it to them, I was called to interview.

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LA Jobs and Java



How do you take your coffee? Milk, sugar? How about a spoonful of career advice? We’ve partnered with Timeout LA to offer career counseling for people interested in exploring jobs in technology, business, or design.

Each week we will select a coffee shop in LA and send a team familiar with the LA startup scene to help people find their path.

We’ve created the ultimate cheat-sheet for you below to get some quick facts on some of the best coffee spots in LA. To learn more about the vibe of each place, check out the full write-up on Timeout LA.

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