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UX, Visual, or Product: Which Type of Design Is Right for You?


Great design is the cornerstone of every company’s marketing and sales strategies. The average person spends 417 minutes online. That’s a whopping six hours and 57 minutes per day, consuming online content day in and day out. Companies need to build visually appealing and intuitive websites and a great-looking product or service. 

With these requirements, the demand for UX, Visual, and Product designers is high. With companies like Forbes and Medium naming these creative tech careers as one of the most in-demand tech jobs in 2022 and 2023. 

With that in mind, this article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of UX, Visual, and Product Design, understanding the main differences between each to help you determine which design type is the best choice. 

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5 Things Great Product Managers Do Every Day


Assessing-You-Products-Market-ViabilityMy favorite product managers are quietly powerful. Every day they take small steps that move their teams and business forward in a meaningful way. But they do it without a lot of hoopla, taking a confident yet unassuming approach.

After all, product managers have a lot on their plate every day. They are responsible for the strategy, roadmap, and feature definition for their product. It is a big responsibility that requires facilitating and collaborating with many different teams — both internal and external — without the formal authority to manage those teams. It requires a unique mix of humility and strength.

However, that quiet power does not mean leading product is easy. I realized early on that the daily life of a product manager is unpredictable, hectic, and sometimes very tough.

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4 Mental Blocks Preventing You From Landing Your Dream Job (and How To Get Over Them)



In today’s ever-changing economy, searching for a job is hard work. The number of jobs, types of jobs, and even pathways into jobs are transforming at a pace that can feel impossible to keep up with. Add the desire to find a career that feels meaningful and fulfilling, and the job search can becoming a maddening task.

The path to a successful job search often starts with your own mindset. Consider how you think about yourself, your options, and the process to landing a job. These answers will help you form the foundation for the results you can achieve.

As a coach, educator, and practitioner, I work with clients to help them overcome common mental hang-ups that may be preventing them from landing their dream job.

Below are four of the negative mindsets that I see most often, and strategies you can use to overcome them.

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