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What is Financial Modeling? Get Behind the Buzz.


Not a day goes by in the business world without buzz words being exchanged. Let’s lay the ground work with financial modeling.

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5 Reasons to Take the Leap and Be Your Own CEO



If you’re experiencing fatigue at least five days a week, hypersensitivity to everything office-related, including timecards and long meetings, and nausea at the thought of staying at your current job any longer… then you’re probably suffering from what I call a “corporate allergy.”

Unfortunately, this sort of allergy isn’t relieved so simply as popping a few Claritin. If you’re in this position, don’t worry (I’ve been there, and help clients through similar situations every day). It’s just time to get clear about what to do next.

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Alumni Interview: Kelly Senyei



Meet Kelly Senyei, professional chef, founder of Just a Taste and GA Business Fundamentals and Tactics graduate.

What were you doing before you came to GA?

Prior to enrolling in the Business Fundamentals and Tactics program at GA, I was working at Condé Nast as an editor at and I was also running my site, Just a Taste, part-time.

What brought you to GA?

I was inspired to enroll in the Business Fundamentals and Tactics program at GA because I wanted to transform my site from a part-time hobby to a full-time business. I come from the creative side and never felt like I had learned the basic business principles to make it happen, so I enrolled in what I viewed as “business bootcamp” at GA. The program was informative, inspiring and empowering.

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Knock out some unfinished resolutions before the clock strikes 12, and ring-in the new year with a clean slate and new skills.

We’re sharing some of our favorite tips from experts in Product Management, Front-End Web Development, and UX Design for some last-minute lessons. It’s never too late to get started.


  • Test your new business idea
  • Prepare to get the job of your dreams
  • Learn a new (programming) language
  • Get your website live

Corporate to Startup: How One GA Student Made the Leap



Meet Jesse Owens II, a spring 2013 Product Management graduate, and currently a Product Manager at Imagine Easy Solutions.

1. What were you doing before you came to GA?

During my six years at JP Morgan, I served in a number of roles in the Asset Management and Investment Bank lines of business, from Server-Side Java Developer, Production Support Analyst, to Technical Business Analyst.

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