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How to Define “Brand”



When we deliver the Digital Marketing class at General Assembly, we start off with branding. Not digital branding — just branding. Digital marketing is, after all, still marketing, and in order to market effectively, you must first define your brand.

Early in the very first day of Digital Marketing, we ask the class to define the word “brand,” and then we offer up several other definitions from people who are much smarter and much more experienced than I am.

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GA Bytes: Taste The Art of Developing a Compelling Brand Message


Welcome to our weekly series, GA Bytes, where we serve up a sampling of Front Row, our library of on-demand and live-streaming online classes. Today we’re tasting “Develop a Compelling Brand Message” with Digital Brand Strategist, George Scribner.

In a world where consumers are hearing messages from hundreds of brands every day, it’s important for all small businesses to have a compelling brand message that breaks through the noise. In this short clip, George gets you started with a brand message hierarchy.

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Why Entrepreneurs Need to Stop Making “Brand” a Dirty Word



Brand is a dirty word to many entrepreneurs, but their skepticism comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of what brand is.

Brand is a lot more than just your name, logo or visual identity.

A strong brand should crisply encapsulate the role your organization plays in the world, and it should act as a filter to guide your business decisions. While a clever name and logo can set you apart from some competitors, a strong brand is what gets you your funding, builds your engaged community of users, and creates a focused vision for the future.

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