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Author Reveals The Secret of Happiness in Book, “The Happiness Project”


Gretchen Rubin Image

Photo Courtesy of The Happiness Project

Most people are pretty happy. When she started the research for her book – “The Happiness Project” (Harpers 2011) – author Gretchen Rubin discovered a 2006 study that stated that in a survey of 45 countries, on average, people put themselves at a 7 on a scale of 1-10. Americans, in particular, ranked themselves as ‘very’ or ‘pretty’ happy. According to her research, there’s a formula for how happy you are. Half of it is comprised by genetics, with the remaining 10-20% by age/gender/ethnicity/marital status/income/health/occupation/religious affiliation and 20-30% by how you think and act.

But even if you’re happy, can you be happier?

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9 Ways to Spend More Time Doing the Work You Love


Miachel Bungay Stanier

Michael Bungay Stanier via LinkedIn

“When did being busy become a measure of success?” asks Michael Bungay Stanier. As the author of “Do More Great Work” (2010 Workman) and founder of Box of Crayons in Toronto, he wants to stop the busywork and start the work that matters.

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