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The Future of Augmented Reality with Blippar CMO


Jess Butcher

Jess Butcher is the CMO and co-founder of augmented reality app Blippar. She is an entrepreneur, evangelist, and chief proponent of the verb “to blipp.”

1. First and foremost, what is Blippar?

Blippar is the world’s leading mobile visual browser (aka augmented reality app). It uses image-recognition technology to bring the physical world to vibrant digital life through smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Users download the free Blippar app, fill their screen with blippable images (found on print pages, product packaging, adverts, signage, screens, artwork, etc.) and blipp to unlock exciting mobile content. Interactive features can reveal web-links, image galleries, games, videos, 3D graphics, photo booths and opinion polls. We currently have over 1,000 clients and partners including Pepsi, Coca Cola, Conde Nast, Warner Bros. and Jaguar. And in June we acquired Layar, a pioneering AR company founded in 2009. Our combined user base, data, and technology makes Blippar the world’s most influential AR company.

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