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An Artist’s Journey with Code


Matthew Epler is a creative technologist based in Brooklyn, NY.

Matthew Epler is a creative technologist specializing in creating one-of-a-kind interactive projects with an emphasis on the Internet of Things. 

His work, which blends digital and physical design practices with computer programming, has been featured in museums and a variety of media outlets around the world including The Milan Triennale Museum of Design, mudac Lausanne, and on Wired, Huffington Post, Newsweek, Reuters, Vice, and Creative Applications.

Some of his most well-known pieces include the Netflix Switch, Levi’s Station to Station, Grand Old Party, and Big Bats

Matthew describes himself as a designer who can code, and a coder who can work with his hands. Read on to see how learning to code transformed his passion for art and film into a thriving career in creative technology. Continue reading

Music Lover Launches an Accelerator For Aspiring Artists

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Clayton Janes loves music and classic British cars (as you can see in his photograph). Being in the music industry for nearly twelve years, he’s decided to start The Music Accelerator, an accelerator program designed specifically for aspiring artists. After mastering his coding skills, he’s on to his next venture: growing the business and bringing exposure to new talent.

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