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CEO as Chief Experience Officer


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In today’s changing business landscape, user experience (UX) is quickly becoming a key differentiator allowing brands to cut through the noise and create a unique value proposition for their customers. It makes sense; what could be more valuable to a customer than having a great experience?

Within major corporations, if addressed at all, UX has traditionally been siloed within product and design teams instead of being treated as a company-wide initiative. UX is vital not only for product teams, but also for marketing, sales, customer service, and even HR. (Employees are users too–EX as we call it at GA!)

When examining some of the standout brands that have adopted a more holistic strategy around user experience, the results are strikingly clear. Almost every one of today’s most valuable companies is run by a CEO who puts user experience first–Chief Experience Officers. Let’s look at a few examples:

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To Swift or Objective-C? That is the iOS Developer’s Question


Jessica Skeete is an Education Product Manager at General Assembly in NYC. In this blog post, she discusses the release of Swift for iOS and how it will impact those looking to enter the app development world.

Earlier this month Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, announced a brand new programming language named Swift at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Paul Haddad, a popular iOS developer posted this tweet shortly after the announcement was made: paul haddad twitter Swift is great because it makes creating iOS applications much more accessible. Many people assume this will create an easy in for people wanting to develop apps, as they will no longer need to learn the complex programming language Objective-C, but it isn’t quite that simple. Although Swift is an excellent way to get your feet wet, it doesn’t mean that starting a career in app development will be as easy. Continue reading