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“Don’t Be Afraid to Fail,” a Conversation with Techweek CEO, Katy Lynch



In 2014, American startups saw the largest year-over-year growth in twenty years. New businesses are on the rise—helping reverse a five-year downward trend in startup activity, according to a Kauffman Index report. With 310 out of every 100,000 U.S. adults building a startup or small business, entrepreneurs make up a small but significant part of the American workforce.

No one appreciates this significance more than Katy Lynch, the new CEO of Techweek, a series of festivals celebrating entrepreneurs in cities across the world.

We caught up with Katy on the eve of Techweek New York to chat about her own experience launching and selling a successful social media agency and what excites her about her new role as CEO. 

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From the Desk of Bernard Kravitz, GA Instructor and CTO of GoWatchIt


Bernie K.

Bernard Kravitz is the CTO of

I encountered the Beckett quotation “fail better,” as a grad student in an MFA program years ago. I was drawn to its simple imperative wisdom. Fail, keep on failing, and then maybe you’ll get something right. It so simply encapsulated the creative process. That you need room for risk and tolerance for failure, before you can expect to produce anything really worthwhile.

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