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4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going To Grad School


Should I Go To Grad School

Whether you’re just out of college, or facing an impasse at your current job, you’ve likely considered going back to grad school. If you’re going to be a doctor, scientist, or professor, it’s not really a “consideration,” rather than just “the next step.”

But for those of us who are more general in our education, and even less specific on our career aspirations (like I was), going to grad school is an easy answer to “what are you doing when you graduate?” Especially if there’s no job waiting for you when you do graduate. But is it the right answer?

Before you sell your car and take out a loan, here are some questions to ask yourself about grad school. The goal is for you to challenge yourself into honestly assessing what your next step should be. These questions, presented to and discussed with a trusted, objective mentor (who knows you and is not afraid to say things you might not want to hear), should get you to a solid decision point for your next move. Continue reading