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4 Signs It’s Time For The Ad Industry To Increase Investment in Training & Development


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As a consultant, I interact with people of varied levels of seniority across many roles. I frequently question whether any of the problems I encounter can be remedied with a solution that lives outside of my skill-set.

While the challenges of the companies I speak with differ, I recently have identified one commonality. What I have come to realize is that the unintended consequence of growth in ad-tech is a workforce deeply in need of training. Here are some indicators your company may want to invest in T&D:

1. Temporary In-House Specialists have become more frequent.

While I did not personally experience the transition into digital advertising, I did experience mobile in its early days. In 2010, the term “mobile” elicited much of the same feelings the terms “data” and “programmatic” have in 2016. The reaction to the mobile industry was a mass hiring of “mobile specialists.” These specialists were placed within agencies and publishers alike and asked to guide the buying and selling decisions through a mobile lens.

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