The State Of Law School 2014


Jill Youngblood

Jillian is a 2013 graduate of General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive and is now Director of Communications at Noodle, a site that provides advice on education decisions. She loves writing about why you should think twice about what you’re doing and consider learning to code. This post was originally published on Noodle’s blog.

On the heels of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) release of its employment numbers for the class of 2013, Noodle has launched an innovative, easy-to-use new tool to help prospective students find the right law school.

Our unique algorithm provides superior guidance by considering the factors that are most important to both applicants and law schools in the admissions process. The ABA’s data shows that employment prospects are slightly better than last year for new JDs, but still have not recovered from a difficult few years. Here’s a look at the job market for new law school graduates:

2014 State of Law School

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