Required Reading: Daniel Chait



Name: Daniel Chait
Class Taught: Making Hiring a Strength of Your Company

Daniel Chait graduated college with a Computer Engineering degree, but has always been drawn to the human side of the technology business. He first got into recruiting at his previous company, Lab49, where he was involved in growing their talented team. Daniel is now the co-founder of Greenhouse, a platform that automates and optimizes recruiting.

Here are the top picks from Daniel’s reading list:

  • Who by Geoff Smart and Match by Dan Erling – These are probably two of the best-known books on hiring. Both of these provide a good set of best practices for recruiting (structured interviews, senior management attention, etc.) and most people can learn a good deal from them.
  • Fistful of Talent– This is a very sharp online resource for recruiting related topics; a must-read for anyone serious about talent. They bring a distinctive editorial voice and leading-edge awareness.
  • – This website combines lots of practical how-to articles with a steady stream of news & links about industry developments. Their very experienced team of writers includes Dr. John Sullivan, former chief talent officer for Agilent; and Lou Adler, author of “Hire With Your Head”.
  • Human Capital Institute – The HCI has lots of good content and the recruiting area (or “Talent Acquisition” if you want to use fancy jargon) is no exception. Specialized sections such as “Behavioral Science in Hiring” and “Building Critical Talent Pipelines” are filled with content such as whitepapers, blogs, news articles, and podcasts.
  • Get Rid of the Performance Review! by Samuel Culbert – Samuel argues persuasively against the traditional performance review as implemented at countless companies. Although not strictly about recruiting, any organization that takes talent seriously needs to grapple with how to assess performance, provide feedback, and motivate people. A very interesting read.
  • Startups in the recruiting space – Just reading Techcrunch, it seems a new company gets funded in the recruiting space nearly every day. With so much cool new stuff out there, it’s a real challenge for companies to pick the winners and integrate them together into a coherent process. Having said that, here are a few that have gotten great buzz lately: Take the Interview, Ongig, JIBE and BountyJobs. All but one of these are based here in NYC!

As an aside I’m really looking forward to reading Fred Wilson’s upcoming 10-part series, People, as part of his “MBA Mondays” feature.