Raw Materials: Food52



Name: Food52
GA Member Since: January, 2011
Employees: 7
Hiring? Yes! A VP Technology with vision, and a talented front end engineer.

Food52 is a community for people who love food. Dedicated to celebrating home cooks, they offer quality curated information about food and cooking, while engaging their readers through weekly themed recipe challenges. Check out the raw materials we found on co-founder Amanda Hesser’s kitchen counter:

1. Notebook and pen
Yes, we’re a technology company, but we still like to kick it old school during meetings. Plus, there’s just something so satisfying about crossing items off a to-do list.

2. Laptop
Like a lot of the desks at GA, ours brings to mind a Mac convention. (We still have one PC holdout, but she’s just waiting for the next MacBook Air.)

3. iPhone with Instagram photo of strawberries
(See above note on Apple products.) We have a pretty lively Instagram presence thanks to Kristy Mucci, who now documents nearly every minute of every day at Food52. No one and nothing is safe!

4. Roasted baby garlic from the Greenmarket
This photo was taken on a Tuesday, which is our weekly kitchen day, when we assemble at Amanda’s apartment to test recipes for the site. The theme of last week’s recipe contest? Spring alliums (aka the onion family).

5. Eggs
Nature’s perfect food. Need we say more?

6. Tea towel
One of our favorite things to do is source attractive, useful kitchen tools and equipment. This tea towel is from IKEA.

7. Coffee grinder and mug
Yes, we have a bit of an addiction. On Tuesdays, Amanda hand-grinds the beans she gets from our friends over at Craft Coffee and puts her French press to work to satisfy our caffeine cravings. This mug from the Tortoise General Store is one-of-a-kind, and epitomizes our obsession with beautiful, unique tabletop items.

8. Coarse sea salt
Great for sprinkling on radishes, ricotta, dark chocolate — pretty much anything that will stand still.

9. Bread and butter
A favorite Food52 snack. This happens to be five grain and raisin bread from Le Pain Quotidien (it also makes amazing toast) slathered with soft, salted Irish butter.

10. The Food52 Cookbook
Our first cookbook came out in October 2011, and it holds all the winning recipes from our first year of recipe contests. It was named one of the top cookbooks of 2011 by the Washington Post, NPR and Eat Your Books.

11. Microplane grater
An indispensable kitchen tool. Use it to create pillowy clouds of citrus zest or Parmesan cheese, even super-delicate chocolate shavings.

12. Green cardamom pods
We prefer using whole spices to pre-ground whenever possible. They have more flavor, and they’re not bad to look at either! Amanda stores all of her spices in a deep drawer using metal containers with clear lids for easy identification.

13. Rhubarb
Another harbinger of spring, this vegetable-masquerading-as-a-fruit has a punishing tartness that requires a little sweetness to mellow it out.

14. Copper baking pan
This is one of our favorite pans to use for our final dish shots. It can make even the humblest of casseroles look regal.

15. Stove
This is where the action happens, people. We’re big fans of Viking — both Amanda and Merrill love theirs.

Not pictured
What you don’t see in this picture is the man behind the magic: our incredibly talented photographer, James Ransom, who took this photo, as well as most of the photos on our site.