Our Plans to Resume In-Person Learning in the U.S.


In-person learning is almost in session! Since we first opened our doors in 2011, our campuses have been the heart and soul of GA’s community, providing a space for collaboration, innovation, and inclusion. The connections made in both our digital and physical classrooms have been the springboard for new careers, professional connections, and lifelong relationships. 

This fall, we’re excited to see that energy in real life once again. 

After pausing our in-person learning for over a year, we’re excited to give students the option to take courses at select U.S. campuses this fall. As always, you can choose to learn on campus or online — whichever option best fits your preference, lifestyle, and schedule.

Select your campus to read more on detailed plans, key dates, and FAQs for each location. We’ll post any updates as soon as we know about them.

*Austin & Atlanta: Both of these teams are currently moving their physical campus locations and will continue remote learning for the remainder of 2021. Only online programs will be available to students living at these locations until further notice.