Movin’ on Over to the West Side…of the Street



We opened our campus last year to create a place where New Yorkers could collaborate and learn together. We adore our space at 902 Broadway, from the chalk art to the Craft Coffee station. But, as anyone who has ever rented an apartment in New York City knows, whatever space you have never ends up seeming like enough. Such is the case for GA, and so we are expanding.

Rather than struggling with a cramped kitchen or limited closet space, though, we’ve come upon the challenge of not enough classrooms for all the classes, workshops, and programs we’d like to offer. S0, we’re taking up a beautiful space at 915 Broadway, view of The Empire State Building and all. Unfortunately, common sense and city ordinances will prevent zip lining from one side to the other, however, we do anticipate a fully wired for a tin can phone system and, of course, lots more space for students.

For more info, check out these blog posts from Untapped Cities and Business Insider.

We hope you’ll join us, at least on one side of the tin can.

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