Made with Code Feature: Maddy Maxey


Along with Chelsea Clinton, Girl Scouts of the USA, Mindy Kaling, MIT Media Lab, TechCrunch and more, Google has launched Made with Code, an initiative to inspire girls to code.

We’re thrilled to share that one of our Back-End Web Development graduates, Maddy Maxey, is featured alongside talented young women using code to further their passions. Maddey is the co-founder of Crated and heavily involved at the intersection of technology and fashion. Learn more about Maddy’s work on Made with Code in this video preview:

We had a chance to sit with Maddy and hear about this exciting initiative and everything that’s going on with her company, Crated:

1. What is it about wearable tech that’s so fascinating to you?

I find most things about the world interesting. Wearable tech has become my silo because it combines my background in fashion and my love for technology and tinkering.

2. Have you always wanted to start your own business?

I never quite saw it as a desire to start a business of my own, but I’ve always wanted independence, and entrepreneurship is the perfect way to gain autonomy and to craft a challenging and fulfilling lifestyle.

3. Where did the idea for The Crated stem from?

Crated morphed quite a bit over time. It was originally going to be a content site, but once I joined forces with my co-founder Mari, we decided to do something more hands-on.

4. You are featured as a Maker in Google’s “Made with Code” film. How was that experience?

The experience was exhausting and wonderful! It was tiring being around a film crew for 48 hours straight, but I was so flattered to be part of the experience.

5. What do you hope for the future of tech and coding, particularly for young girls?

Rather than simply saying that girls should code, I think it’s important to show young girls that they can choose their own futures without concerning gender roles. With that in mind, I hope more girls do whatever makes them happy. If that includes coding, I think that’s excellent!

6. You are not only an alumnus, but one of our first co-working members! Tell us about your experience at GA.

I’m a complete GA fangirl. I’ve also worked behind the front desk at General Assembly and love the entire ecosystem. I find it particularly exciting to listen in on Web Development Immersive student conversations and how they morph from tentative to technical over their 12 weeks.

7. What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome them?

Rejection is an everyday affair in entrepreneurship. I get turned down for things constantly and I think the most challenging part is picking yourself back up time and time again.

Crated is currently hiring:
We’re looking for a sales/ marketing executive position. We need someone who can talk tech, but knows how to close a sale and has the soft skills and organization to communicate with many partners in harmonious synchrony. If you’re into Fritzing as much as financial breakdowns, shoot an email to Maddy.

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