Here’s How to Learn HTML at Any Level or Budget


Learn to Code HTML

Have you been thinking about learning HTML? If so, you’re not alone: These days, it  seems like nearly everyone — including New York City’s former mayor, Mike Bloomberg, who tweeted his New Year’s resolution to learn to code a few years back — is intent on learning programming languages. If you want to learn HTML, a fundamental building block for front-end web development, there’s no need to delay. Workshops and on-demand classes make it easy to learn HTML, regardless of your budget, schedule, or prior knowledge.

Learn HTML on your own time

Got a complicated schedule? Work best after midnight? Online classes and tutorials may be your best option.

If you’re looking for a hands-on approach to on-demand learning, Dash by General Assembly is free and teaches HTML, CSS, and Javascript through fun projects you can do in your browser. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of support if you get stuck.

If prefer learning with peers and an instructor, try GA’s 12-week, mentor driven Web Design Circuit. In this course you’ll learn core skills, like HTML, as well as web design basics, while working on a project-to-project basis with peers.

Be a weekend warrior

If you do better with in-person classes, and want to quickly learn and absorb basic HTML concepts, a weekend workshop may be the best way to go. These immersive workshops cover a lot of ground in just one day.

During General Assembly’s Fundamentals of HTML, CSS and Web Design workshop, you’ll do a deep dive into the principles of coding and web design, and build your own portfolio.

Or, if you want a more targeted HTML and CSS workshop, with less focus on overall design principles, try the Coding for Beginners workshop, where you’ll master the basics, learning the terminology and creating a basic site.

Both workshops are intended for a non-programmer audience, and do not assume prior programming knowledge.

For more in-depth education on web development, try GA’s Front-End Development Course, or Web Development Immersive.

Learn HTML online with GA’s 12-week, mentor driven Web Design Circuit.

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