“Let Dreams Evolve,” A Conversation with Kristian Nairn of Game of Thrones


Fans of Kristian Nairn, known for playing the well-loved character of Hodor on the TV phenomenon, Game of Thrones, may be surprised to know that he’s enjoyed a thriving DJ career for the past two decades. His latest, and perhaps most notable, set being Rave of Thrones—an epic dance party that brings together die-hard Game of Thrones fans and music lovers from around the world.

We caught up with Nairn backstage at the Hard Rock cafe, right before he played a rowdy crowd of ravers and cosplay enthusiasts at this year’s Comic Con in New York City.

Since his mom sent him to piano lessons “against his will” at the age of 3, Nairn has pursued catalog of creative endeavors. From music to acting and even World of Warcraft, Nairn believes it’s his ability to “evolve” that keeps his creativity flowing. “It’s always good to stick to your dreams,” he says, “but I think some people hold onto them too fast and too tight and they’re afraid to let their dreams evolve.”

Prior to our interview, we searched Comic Con high and low for something to give the ever-evolving Nairn to thank him for his time. When we came across a particularly epic illustration at Artists Alley, we knew it’d be perfect.


Professor X Hodor by Marco D’Alfonso

Similar to Nairn’s culture clash in “Rave of Thrones,” the illustration depicts a mashup of Hodor and Brendan Stark from Game of Thrones and Professor X from X-Men.

The artist, Marco D’Alfonso, has a variety of creative interests rivaling Nairn himself, “I like to incorporate anything I’m interested in into my artwork,” he says, “especially Game of Thrones and anything nerdy or pop-culture related.”

From Winterfell to the X-Mansion, parallel world’s collide through passion and creativty—a phenomenon we witness every day at General Assembly as students work together to bring new ideas to life.

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