Joining the White House to Expand Tech Skills Training



General Assembly is honored to participate in President Obama’s Tech Hire initiative, which will provide a broader on-ramp to technology skills training. This cause is central to our mission of providing the greatest access to training in design, business and technology —to help people from any background find work they love. Just last week we announced an expansion of this commitment through our partnership with Capital One.

We are energized by the Administration’s bold plan and we look forward to working with them to achieve the goals we have set. The following is the commitment General Assembly has made, as outlined on the official White House Tech Hire site:

Engage broadly and inclusively with community colleges, training providers, and employers with the aim of collaborating to further standardize web development training and pilot an online web development program with at least one community college system; educate at least 100 people through its Opportunity Fund, a philanthropic fellowship program that provides hands-on education, mentorship, and career opportunities to underrepresented women, people of color, veterans, and low-income individuals nationwide; and roll out an entry-level analytics curriculum for which scholarships will be available.

In the past few decades, the tech industry has played an important role in bringing new opportunity to millions of Americans. We look forward to partnering with our nation’s leadership to help increase the diversity of solutions and expertise brought to bear on solving the challenges of the industry’s future.

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