How One Student Transformed Her Passion For UX Design into an Internship with GA


evelyn kim

Evelyn Kim, UXDI Grad & Super Intern.

Evelyn Kim was fresh out of college when a Facebook ad enticed her to apply for the UX Design Immersive program here at GA. Now, after completing the 10-week, full-time program, she has just started an internship on our very own Instructional Development team, and she is ready to take her UX career to new heights.

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What were you doing before you came to GA?

I was a communications intern at a startup/non-profit incubator called Beespace.

What motivated you to enroll in UXDI?

A strong sense that I want to pursue a creative career that also allows me to practice my deep empathy and care for other people.

You saw a GA ad on Facebook. How did you decide we were the best option for you?

Learning about GA’s growth and its mission on its website and the fact that few other institutions offer UX courses strengthened GA’s legitimacy in my mind.

You studied Urban Studies in college. How were you able to use your major during UXDI?

One of the lessons I learned in Urban Studies is to switch back and forth between having a “macro”, or broad view of how a city (such as New York) evolves and develops and having a “micro” view of how a specific individual, namely a New Yorker, might experience such growth.

I’ve had to use that same frame of thinking in my UX design projects: as I’m investing time in the details of what I learned from my interviews or what features to place on my wireframes (the micro view), I need to mentally “step back” and understand why each action is important for the UX process (the macro view).

What kind of work are you looking for that will help you realize what you want?

I’ve been looking for work on a team/at a company that is in an earlier stage because I know that I want my efforts to help cultivate its growth. I also know that I want to focus on the visual side of UX design. I chose to do this GA internship because I’ll have an opportunity to accomplish both of those goals.

You say that you’ve now learned to be “comfortable with being uncomfortable” in the middle of a UX project. What’s the next milestone in your evolution as a UX Designer?

The next milestone in my evolution as a UX designer is to learn how to confidently and comfortably present my work in front of others, because public speaking is a skill that I’d like to develop a stronger facility for.

How did your instructors give you a concrete idea of who a UX designer should be?

My instructors gave me a concrete idea of an effective UX designer by directly teaching us about that (for instance, by telling us that “T-shaped” UX designers, or those who specialize in one UX field while knowing about many, are the most effective), or by encouraging me to have specific mindsets, such as being a better UX designer than I was a week or a month ago.

It’s been a year since you’ve graduated from college. What are your goals for the next year?

My goals for the next year are to be in a UI design role at an organization here in New York, to complete training (either formalized or of my own design) in visual/graphic design to complement by UX experience, and to select and regularly consult specific UX resources to stay on top of the field.

What are three ways the GA community can help you move forward?

  • Send me regular updates about events for GA alumni.
  • Highlight people in the GA community who are willing to chat with alums that I can talk to about design, a career, entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Ask for my feedback about GA-related issues to show that my input/perspective still matters to GA even after I’ve graduated.

Who is your favorite teacher and why?

Professor Shamus Khan, whose class I was in at Columbia called “The Social World”. His friendly tone of voice and the humor he infused into his lectures made the class engaging and made me want to really listen to what he had to say.

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