How MetLife Serves Their Global Customer Base


Over the past 10-15 years, rapid advancements in technology have made it extremely difficult for organizations to stay ahead of their consumers’ evolving behavior and brand expectations.

Of course, this challenge is even greater for large, global brands.

In order to successfully communicate with their broad customer base, global organizations must cater to varying cultural norms, regulatory rules, and preferred methods of brand interaction that are native to each individual market and country.

As Chris Smith, EVP & Global Head of Operations at MetLife, states, “What we really view as important is being able to allow our customers to do business the way they want to do business with us.”

In the video above, Smith goes on to highlight several examples in which MetLife maintains customer centricity across several markets all around the globe. Examples include:

  • Experimenting with augmented reality in Mexico to provide supplementary, digital information along with printed financial documents
  • Providing USB sticks to customers in Slovakia containing necessary policy documents
  • Partnering with WeChat to offer service directly to customers in China

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