How Hybrid Jobs are Driving New York’s Tech Economy



Over the past few months, we’ve been working with Burning Glass Technologies to study today’s most in-demand jobs, the skills required to land them, and the places in which these opportunities are most available. Our new report, “Blurring Lines: How Business and Technology Skills Are Merging to Create High Opportunity Hybrid Jobs,” concludes that many of these roles—in fields like web development, data science, and digital marketing—demand both technical and business acumen.

Marketers are analyzing more complicated data sets, developers are building websites and apps that are functional and drive the bottom line—business and technology do not function in a vacuum, and skilled professionals are expected to develop both sets of skills.

These hybrid jobs are among the fastest growing and best careers in today’s job market—more than 250,000 positions were open in the last year alone, and the average starting salary is upwards of $100,000.

New York is leading the way in hybrid job creation.

With nearly 30,000 job listings posted over the last year, New York is leading the nation in creating hybrid jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the New York metro region gained 114,500 jobs from June 2014 to June 2015, suggesting that hybrid jobs account for a large percentage of job creation in the region.

New York is particularly strong in today’s hottest tech and business fields like data analytics, digital marketing, and mobile development.

  • There were five times as many data analytics jobs open last year than in 2011. New York had more data analytics jobs open than any other major city, and the starting salary of these jobs exceeds $110,000.
  • Digital Marketing jobs in New York are growing at a 40% annual rate. New York also led the nation in these job openings, with 63% more jobs in this field than San Francisco.
  • Mobile app development jobs have been growing even faster than digital marketing jobs, increasing 170% over 4 years. These jobs have the highest starting salary of any hybrid jobs studied, with an average posted salary over $120,000.
  • Other hybrid jobs in more established fields, like web development, UI/UX and product management, continue to outpace the traditional economy in job creation. In the last year, there were more than 14,000 of these jobs open in New York alone.

This is good news for job-seekers in the New York area. Although the titles may sound intimidating, most employers prioritize technical acumen over educational pedigree. And while traditional higher-ed programs fail to align with the needs of employers, a new class of accelerated learning programs, like General Assembly, has emerged to fill this “skills gap,”  offering short-term training designed for employment.

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