Hello, San Francisco—It’s Back to School Time



Before Memorial Day, several of us from the GA team crammed onto a couch and talked about going west for the summer. Over the past two months, we’ve doled out no fewer than 300 *adorable* GA cookies, trekked what probably amounts to 50 miles of distance traveled from coffee shop to office to happy hour in various locations around SoMa, and most importantly, had the pleasure of introducing almost 1,000 students to General Assembly classes and workshops.

But classes and workshops are only part of the GA education equation. At our campuses in New York, London, and Sydney, we’ve had hundreds of students go through our long-form courses. Over the course of two to four months, these students learn skills like Front-End Web Development, User Experience Design, Programming Fundamentals with Ruby on Rails, and User Acquisition Marketing. They roll up their sleeves and do homework, attend office hours, and build final projects. Final projects so awesome that sometimes they even get written about in The Atlantic and Mashable. Some of them go on to get jobs like Front End Web Developer at hiring partners like American Express. And some of them build stuff their companies need—an app for managing team goals was recently hacked together by two of our own staff members currently learning Rails.

San Francisco has tons of opportunities for those with skills in technology, design, and business. So, we’re really excited to say that we’re staying on the left coast this fall and launching two long-form courses that have been consistent student favorites at our other campuses: Front-End Web Development and User Experience Design.

Naturally we’ll still offer nightly classes and workshops—they’re a great way to get started on learning a new skill. These two courses (also known as FEWD and UXD), though, are designed specifically for the student who is ready to take a deeper dive into a new area of practice. They’re taught by subject matter experts who have the mastery to guide you through complex concepts as well as the perspective to remember the first time they ever opened an HTML tag or mocked up a wireframe. And when we say “experts,” we’re not kidding.

Learning to code, to design, or to build a business isn’t easy. We can’t make it easy. But we can make it exhilirating, edifying, social, and even fun. There will be cookies, and probably beer.

We’re getting started this September. We hope you’ll join us.