Why Liberal Arts Majors Need Technical Skills


Tech Skills For Liberal Arts Majors Image

When people think of liberal arts they most commonly think of majors like history, literature, writing, language, or philosophy. All of these hold weight when applying for a job; companies will always need people that know a second language, can write a terrific white paper, or reason with clients as a sharp, analytical thinker.

While companies are always looking for candidates with a strong liberal arts background and the skills that come with it, they are even more drawn to candidates that have developed a technical skillset as well. That’s why it’s a good idea for any liberal arts major, current student or graduate, to do a personal inventory of their strengths and weaknesses and determine how adding technical skills can help them land the job they want or move forward in their careers.

Liberal Arts Careers that benefit from tech skills

Areas like marketing, public relations, communications, and sales are all typically filled with liberal arts graduates as each of these tend to play to their strengths and cater to what a liberal arts graduate learns. While a liberal arts education definitely helps build skill sets that are in demand in the work place, adding technical skills has the benefit of making you a more desirable candidate and effective worker.

1. Marketing

Marketers, and those interested in marketing, can benefit from adding technical skills especially as digital marketing continues to open new avenues for marketers to reach their clients. Skills like SEO, PPC and content marketing are not generally subjects taught in school but have become an important part of every marketer’s playbook and something they are increasingly expected to know.

2. Public Relations

Public relations majors can add skills in social media and blogging along with Photoshop to their skillset to make them more marketable to PR firms looking to not only get the message out for clients, but to also do it in a impactful manner that is also clean and visually appealing.

3. Communications

Communications majors should look to build a knowledge base around digital advertising, survey collection and analysis, and effective presentation skills to properly display their findings.

4. Sales

Today’s sales professionals increasingly rely on analytics and a solid foundation of customer relationship management to qualify leads and nurture them to conversion.

All of these skills have become part of the daily life of professionals in each of these disciplines. It’s important that today’s workers and job seekers consider how the workplace has changed and realize that even with a solid liberal arts education, a basic knowledge of technical skills necessary to your discipline is essential in order to stand out and excel.

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