New Partnership Promotes Benefits for Independent Workers



We are excited to announce General Assembly’s partnership with Freelancers Union, the nation’s largest labor institution representing the new, independent workforce. We’re joining a network of organizations around the country that are working to build a better future for freelancers and independent workers.

At General Assembly, we recognize that many of our students and alumni are independent: you don’t have a regular 9-5, or you’re working on several projects at once, or you’re starting your own business.

Now through our partnership with Freelancers Union, you can access flexible, low cost benefits curated for those with a freelance lifestyle. Plus, Freelancers Union is a non-profit, so the profits go back into building community and resources for freelancers.

Visit the National Benefits Platform to learn more about benefits options including health, dental, disability, liability, term life and 401(k).

You can also become a member of Freelancers Union and join a community of 250,000 independent workers nationwide.

Together we have even greater power to help independent worker achieve healthier, more sustainable lives.

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