Together We’re Creating a World of Innovation



We live in a time of great innovation. Companies such as Samsung, Tesla, Google and Apple are changing forever how we interact with technology and each other. General Assembly is honored to join these leaders and be included on Fast Company’s list of The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies.

As the article points out, GA was chosen as an innovator for “graduating to next-gen educator.” This development is driven by a dedicated team solving the challenges of education to employment in a radically changing post-industrial landscape. “We wanted something with a value proposition of grad school, but with a much higher return on investment and more relevant to the 21st century economy,” says a quote from Jake Schwartz, General Assembly co-founder and CEO.

In also naming GA the world’s most innovative company of 2015 in the education sector, GA is recognized “for teaching the skills workers need now.”

Plaudits like this are given deeper meaning because they reflect the outcomes we’re working together to achieve on behalf of a growing education community that has already created more than 10,000 GA alumni. Our instructors and students have shown the world what’s possible, and this is just the beginning of the innovation.