General Assembly Expands to 10 New Online Communities


General Assembly is committed to expanding access to in-demand digital skills to create more equitable tech talent ecosystems in every city we serve. Today, we are excited to deliver on that promise with 10 new online communities in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Portland, Sacramento, and San Jose. With these new additions, we’re proud to now support students and hiring partners in a total of 49 cities online and in-person across the globe. 

Even before the pandemic ushered in a new era of remote work and learning, our team has been exploring new ways to bring GA’s in-demand skills training beyond the four walls of our physical classrooms. Since our switch to fully remote courses last year, GA classes have actually become more popular than ever before, and over 1M learners across the globe joined us in an online class, workshop, or event last year.

So what does it mean to be a part of an online community? In each city, we bring together our two greatest tools: innovative remote learning formats and GA’s network of local hiring partners. Students can sign up for any of our best-in-class courses from the comfort of home, while taking advantage of GA-facilitated local programming and city-specific networking events designed to connect seasoned professionals and aspiring career changers. Meanwhile, GA is also building relationships with local hiring partners in each city, to connect the dots between employer hiring needs and the job-ready tech talent graduating from our programs. 

We already have an exciting slate of upcoming events and partners on board in these new online communities, and look forward to continuing what we do best: helping learners across the globe pursue work they love.