GA Tours theAudience HQ


The Entertainment space and LA are no strangers at General Assembly. We are continuously striving to create enriching experiences, and this one did not fall short. Through a partnership with theAudience and Digital Marketing courses at our LA campus, students were invited to West Hollywood to experience first-hand what goes down in the world of social data around celebrities and talent.

theAudience, lead by Oliver Luckett, takes a fresh approach on the digital entertainment space by infusing inspiration from a molecular level. Oliver believes online virality works similar to bio-organisms in our physical world. Spending just a few seconds touring the office buildings, you will be captured by a maniacal obsession to art curation, and surprisingly enough, it’s all Oliver’s personal stash

During the visit, students were given personal tours through both buildings off Beverly alongside an intimate gathering that allowed students and theAudience team members to cross pollinate ideas. As most students are in the digital space and/or seeking roles in the space, before departing, mock interviews were also held on-site to give GA students a truly enriching experience.

Some quotes from our students:

“Amazing event, really great people, and beautiful building. The whole staff seems really excited and enthusiastic about their future which was a pleasure and inspiration to be around. I had a blast!” — Jojo Noble

“The event at The Audience was an amazing collaboration. It was a mix of informative and fun! It’s pretty cool when you can drink beer and learn about a company with not just cool employees but also the CEO! Kudos to GA!” — Shana Griffith

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Check out more photos from our visit here:

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