GA + HPE Haven OnDemand Hackathon: An Android Hackathon


android hackathon GA HPE

This past weekend marked General Assembly and HPE Haven OnDemand’s first ever Android Hackathon open to current students and alumni of GA. Tasked with creating an Android app with three views and using at least one of Haven OnDemand’s APIs, five teams set out on this journey filled with pizza, tacos, coffee, and even some breakdancing!

The event began Friday night with a casual social mixer followed by a workshop given by the one, and only, Phong. After an interesting, uncontested, breakdancing battle, participants left for the night to get some rack before the long weekend. Hackers arrived early Saturday morning to pitch ideas they wanted to work on and form teams. Once these were set, hackers worked through the weekend overcoming pitfalls, learning a few things here and there about project management and timing, and building some pretty sweet Android apps.

Are You Happy? – 1st place winners

android hackathon first place

Photos courtesy of Tyler Nappy.

This app aims to determine a user’s happiness and sadness levels by asking a series of questions to which the user responds by speaking into their phone. The transcribed speech returned from the Speech Recognition API is run through our Analyze Sentiment API and the values from each question are aggregated to determine the overall happiness and sadness of the user.

QuickTap – 2nd place winners

android hackathon second place

Beer enthusiasts will create just about anything to improve their beer drinking experience. Inspired by the mobile application Untapped, where users keep track of beers consumed in a gamified way, QuickTap allows users to easily search through every beer currently available on the market using our Speech Recognition API to transcribe which beer the user wants. The beer name is displayed on the screen so the user can then display it to the bartender who can then see from far away what he or she wants. A long-term goal of the project is to integrate a messaging system that allows the bartender to see what patrons want after they select their beer on the app.


android hackathon GA HPE

This team tackled an issue most have had to deal with in the past – food poisoning. As they put it, Decontamination is “a way to find news on restaurants that may have given you food poisoning.” The team members wanted to focus on treating and finding the root cause of food poisoning rather than educate on preventative measures, which is what most apps out there today in this space do. Using our Find Similar API, users can educate themselves on related topics of symptoms they show. All of this is done without signing up for an account because the last thing you want to be bothered with when food poisoned is dealing with a sign-up!


Ever want to find the best deal possible when shopping? This app allows users to take a picture of an item’s barcode, retrieve it’s universal unique number through our Barcode Recognition API, and use this to find the product’s price at Walmart using their API so you can compare prices and make a more informed decision when purchasing.


Everyone has been to a party where the music just wasn’t cutting it for them. But what could you do? Not much oftentimes. With Musik, each party is its own “economy” and each person attending is given a certain amount of credits. These credits allow a person to pay someone else to have their song get bumped up higher in the playing order, with the music streamed through Spotify’s APIs.

After the event, we went to a local bar to grab some well-deserved drinks after a weekend of hanging and hacking!

If you’d like to check out the source code of these projects, you can find them here.

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