GA Students Hack To Fight Childhood Obesity


Earlier this month, a group of GA students in Washington, D.C. took part in a Hackathon hosted by Partnership for a Healthier America. Participants were asked to prototype and build a working solution focused on the theme of Childhood Obesity, exploring two opportunities within that challenge:

  1. To help teachers empower students to make healthy choices about the food they consume, whether at home or at school.
  2. To create an information avenue that shows families the healthy food options and physical activity opportunities available locally.

Team GA consisted of Kelly Parker (User Experience Design Student), Johnny Austin (Front-End Wed Development Instructor), Datrianna Meeks (User Experience Design Student), Matt Tyrrell (Front-End Web Development Student) and friend of GA, Robin Newman. Together, Team GA came up with: Get Real!

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.16.02 PM

Solution Summary:

Get Real! is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) unlike any other CSA. Get Real! makes farm fresh produce more accessible to people in food deserts. Get Real! works with farmers to get produce and deliver it to food deserts during pick-up events at community centers. The delivery of produce is merely the first step and a catalyst for developing a new community based on healthier living.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.15.43 PM

Technical Section:

Using the MyPyramid Food Data a future iteration of our site would include:

  • A calorie calculator, and weekly fat/protein/sugar/etc ratio graph that would update automatically with items selected during the month.
  • Customers would be able to update their meals on a daily basis.
  • Purpose – to both encourage future use of our site, and healthy eating.

APIs (for future integration):

  • Farmer’s Markets Locator

Although Team GA didn’t win the Hackathon, they took away a great experience to help propel them in future endeavors, as well as an amazing prototype to share.

“The PHA Hackathon was an awesome experience. It was my first hackathon and the support of the hosts and other participants gave me the confidence I needed! I am definitely looking forward to more opportunities to participate in hackathons around other causes I’m interested in.” – Datrianna Meeks

“Good experience, but unfortunately we didn’t win (we were however the only team to present a working prototype.)” – Matt Tyrrell

“The weekend went great! Everyone worked really hard down to the final minutes before presentations. I was impressed with the concepts the teams came up with. I was particularly impressed with Team GA’s planning. Obviously I’m biased but I think we had the best idea and most viable solution (along with the most functional prototype).” – Johnny Austin

Well done, Team GA!

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