GA 2013 Year-End Snapshot


2013 was a big year at General Assembly.

In 2013, we offered 96% more classes, workshops and events, 428% more total hours of educational programming worldwide, and grew our community by 74% compared to last year.

And to accommodate this growth, we opened a beautiful new campus in Los Angeles, acquired more space in NYC, set up shop in Brooklyn and partnered with 1776 to offer our educational programming in Washington, DC.

We’ve grown our community and our footprint a lot in 2013, and we’re just getting started.  GA has a lot of really exciting things planned for 2014 to build upon the incredible momentum from this year, but before we settle into the new year, check out a couple of highlights from 2013:

And in case you’re wondering how this measures up to last year, here’s our 2012 year-end snapshot.