FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Announces Support For Strong Network Neutrality Rules


Yesterday, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler announced his support for strong network neutrality rules, by proposing to use the FCC’s strong legal authority found in Title II of the communications act.

We applaud Chairman Wheeler for this announcement. Every year, we educate thousands of students in the most relevant skills of the 21stcentury across the disciplines of technology, business, and design at fourteen campuses around the world. Strong net neutrality rules will allow more of our students to use the Internet to pursue the work they love – whether that is starting a new entrepreneurial venture or joining an existing one – enabling them also to create jobs and stimulate economic growth across the country.

At General Assembly, we’re proud to have engaged our global community in this historic effort, joining with policy makers from the White House, Congress, and the FCC to voice our support for the open Internet. We have been engaged since the moment the FCC asked for input and will continue supporting this important cause until rules that truly protect the free, open Internet are firmly in place. We look forward to learning more about the details of Chairman Wheeler’s proposal in the coming weeks.