Fashionable Web Design – Australia’s Top Fashion Websites


Top Australian Fashion Websites 4

We take a look at some inspiring website design from the Australia’s online fashion world. Let’s take a look at three of Australia’s top fashion websites. Get ready to either browse and buy (!!) and/or fill your Pinterest boards with inspiration for future projects.


Australian fashion webdesign

While it may not be everyones style, Showpony certainly is a popular online store for likeminded ‘Showponies’ around Australia. The audience and message is clear (see below), and carries throughout the entire site with pastel colours, pinks and blues and in the images to compliment the style of clothing and accessories.

Australian Fashion Webdesign

Navigation is very simple with drop-down menus which then take the user to product galleries. When hovering over an outfit, the user is provided with a view of the product from behind – giving them a 360 degree experience of the item.

Top Australian Fashion Websites

The use is presented with the online store and additional views of the product. The zoom functionality is especially imporant and helps to erradicate hesitation and aid the decision that the product is ‘right’ for them… Or not! The Q&A tabs facilitate the e-commerce process.

Founder, Jane Lu has an amazing story of how she built the business up – literally from her garage… well worth a read!

Shoes of Prey

Australian fashion website

Shoes of Prey was founded by a Sydney Trio in 2009. It’s concept is design centric: design and create your own shoes. Select a style, fabric, heel height and… voila! custom-made shoes. This is a pretty amazing innovation in itself, and the site matches the idea.

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A 3 minuted imbedded video greets the visitor to explain the process. As soon as the design is selected, as prompt appears to capture the user’s email address. Next it’s on to selecting colour and heel type.

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The design process in itself is relatively easy!  The checkout process lists the shoes you are about to purchase. Next to your ‘perfect shoe style’ the materials that you selected are listed. It’s secure and seamless. It’s a beautiful website, offering value adds including a ‘Style Guide’ featuring FAQs and ‘What to Wear’ sections.


Australian fashion websites 6

After a few moments on the home page, a Live Chat pop-up appears as ‘Stylerunner Concierge’ to encourage a chat and see the user has any product/shipping specific questions to discuss. The site is very easy to navigate with drop down menus and clear categories divided into brands, activity or styles.

Australian fashion websites 7A ‘quick view’ provides the browser with different aspects of the product. Once selected the item is added to the shopper’s ‘bag’.

Australian fashion websites 8

This is a tidy website, with a minimalistic style that allows the shopper to focus on the products. Functional and comfortable to use.

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