eLearning: Beyond the Screen – An Interactive Summit for Enterprise Learning Professionals



With all the buzzwords and stigmas tied to online learning, rolling out online education programs in large organizations can be overwhelming. Earlier this month, we brought together online learning professionals and our Enterprise partners at General Assembly’s HQ in NYC to discuss online learning experiences. Throughout the day, participants engaged in activities to identify opportunities for engaging employees in online learning and helping employees apply what they’ve learned.

We kicked off the day by exploring trends in corporate learning and development, and discussed some of the tactics that General Assembly has used to make our learning programs engaging and applicable. Then, a panel consisting of Jennifer Hoffman, CEO of InSync Training; Paul Gollash, CEO of Voxy; and Logan Smalley, Director of TED-Ed; painted a vision for the future of learning. The panelists advocated for blending online and offline capabilities and emphasized that online will not replace offline, but will instead provide a consistent and scalable knowledge base that can free up time for offline interactions to go deeper. Another key theme that was discussed was “learner context”: providing thoughtful context and appropriately matching the means used to deliver learning with people’s working environment and development goals.

In the afternoon, participants debated the importance of formal training versus on-the-job training, mapped detailed journeys for learners, and collaborated on ideas for engaging learners and helping them apply new knowledge. The process of mapping a learner’s experience created empathy and understanding around the demands placed on learners, which then helped participants identify opportunities to encourage learners to engage with development opportunities. Our partners brainstormed tactical next steps for bringing those opportunities to life. Their ideas are represented below in a graphic recording that was created during the event:


Get a deeper understanding of the insights from the event by watching the video below, in which panelists Jennifer Hoffman, Logan Smalley, and GA’s Director of Instructional Design, Max Alexander, discuss opportunities for improving the online learning experience and the significance of context and social learning.

Interested in checking out the latest version of GA’s online training platform, “The Essentials of Digital Marketing”? Try a 15-minute sample lesson below.

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Disclaimer: General Assembly referred to their Bootcamps and Short Courses as “Immersive” and “Part-time” courses respectfully and you may see that reference in posts prior to 2023.