Data Analysis Circuit Launches at General Assembly


Understanding data is becoming increasingly important across all facets of business. Small businesses use financial data to make smarter operating decisions, governments are aggregating data to help us map everything from flu trends to voting information, and corporations are getting more targeted in the way they market products and services.

Data has implicitly become a part of nearly every job today.  It requires many people to get comfortable pulling, analyzing, and presenting data to decision makers, policy shapers, and even our family and friends.

Because of this trend, General Assembly is proud to have a variety of different products suited to help people understand all the information in front of them. Analytics, a 10-week course that teaches students how to collect and analyze data using SQL and Excel while our 11-week Data Science course is more advanced, applying math and programming to build statistical models. Today, however, marks the launch of our newest data course: the Data Analysis Circuit.

True to our vision of helping people pursue work they love, we wanted to concentrate on an offering to make data learning more accessible and affordable for the world. In the Data Analysis Circuit, students have an opportunity to extract data using SQL, manipulate and analyze that data with Excel and visualize that data into a powerful presentation. Students learn completely online and work 1:1 with a mentor for a flexible learning experience catered to their needs.

This course takes 5 years of experience from our campus and online programs and carries forward our commitment to creating relevant educational experiences that deliver a best-in-class product for our students. Our first long-form online course, the Web Design Circuit, brought our expertise in teaching front-end web development and visual design online—helping us master remote learning by giving students from all around the world access to our education platform.

The Data Analysis Circuit is a good fit for business leaders looking to work with data analysts, digital marketers who want to analyze their campaigns, product managers looking to get insight on their customers, and people looking to grow into data-oriented careers.

Data Analysis Circuit launches today, and costs $1250. We look forward to having you in the course.

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