Celebrating All Things Made In Seattle



As a way of giving back to Seattle for welcoming General Assembly one year ago, we created a week to highlight great local products being developed in the city — from tech and design to music, food, and beer. From Monday, June 1- Friday, June 5 we want to bring people from all backgrounds together and foster collaboration through education. We want you to learn a bit more about some of the great work others are doing across a variety of disciplines all over Seattle. Follow the conversation with our hashtag #MadeinSEA.


Monday, 1 June

Keynote speakers from tech companies born in Seattle including Zulily, Zillow, and Moz will talk about their perspectives on innovation. You’ll hear from the best leaders right here at home about how products can change a traditional industry, how corporations can foster ingenuity within the startup scene and how company culture can be made into an invaluable resource for innovation.

Food for the Future

Tuesday, 2 June

Panelists from restaurants and food-related businesses born in Seattle like Chaco Canyon, Seattle Tilth, and others will talk about food sustainability and culture. You’ll hear from leaders from different sides of the food industry talks about their biggest concerns for food today, including fair wages and practices for farmers and growers, sourcing and sustainability, and what the future of food looks like locally.

Disruptive Design

Wednesday, 3 June

Keynote speakers from design-centric companies born in Seattle will talk about groundbreaking design in our culture and economy. You’ll hear from innovators from companies like Built by Civilization, Artefact, Meld Home, and Miller Hull about experiences that cross the boundaries of physical and digital, including topics such as hardware design, disrupting your workspace and workflow, and an informed outlook on a digital future.

Brew Your Business

Thursday, 4 June

Panelists from your favorite breweries in Seattle will gather to share insights into the professional world of beer. You’ll hear from the brewmasters themselves about their early days and how their vision transformed into the local companies we know and love. Drink and learn about everything from what beer making looks like as a hobby to where experts from Ghostfish, Fremont, and Hilliards see the future of microbreweries in Seattle.

Makers in Music

Friday, 5 June

Panelists from various aspects of the Seattle music scene will discuss digital technologies and their impact on the music industry. You’ll hear from thought leaders and acclaimed musicians that rose to fame in Seattle about how the distribution of songs and albums has been shaped by the internet’s free market, how the relationship between record labels and artists has adjusted to the times, and what the future of music looks like in a digital world.

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