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Eye on Alumni: Charlotte Chen, CMO of Spottly


Charlotte Chen is the Co-Founder and CMO of Spottly, a travel journal app that’s been featured in the LA Times and Tech in Asia. Charlotte is also a graduate of our Digital Marketing Course in Hong Kong where she created Spottly’s digital marketing plan. We caught up with Charlotte on all of the exciting things Spottly has been up to.


What is Spottly?

Spottly is a location-based social travel app for people to discover and create awesome travel guides of places you’ve been to or places you want to go to. If you’re a wanderer, explorer or dreamer – we put a world of amazing destinations in your back pocket. Our offices are based in Hong Kong and we’ve been seed invested by 500Startups. Continue reading

7 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn To Boost Your Personal Brand



With more than 275 million users, including executives of nearly every Fortune 500 Company, LinkedIn has become a powerful tool for defining your personal brand, establishing credibility, and networking with business connections. Are you making the most out of your presence within this network?

Getting setup on the platform is just step one—below are seven ways to ensure you are putting your best foot forward on this essential platform. To dive deeper into this subject, watch “Use LinkedIn to Land a Job in Digital Marketing” by our Outcomes & Alumni manager, Katie Hudson.

1. Headshot

Think of your headshot as your first impression for your future employer. You may love that beach pic from your vacation in Maui, or that one shot of you and your squad at the bar—but (most) employers aren’t looking for a buddy to go out with, they are looking for a sharp and reliable worker. Make sure to use a clean, professional image of yourself (and just yourself) that comes off as friendly and polished, focusing on just your head and shoulders.

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Introduction To The NYC Startup Community


Whether you’re looking to found your own startup or wishing to become a part of a budding team, getting acquainted with the New York tech scene can be somewhat overwhelming. To help you navigate your way through this complex web (pun intended), we’ve put together a comprehensive guide full of resources NYC startup enthusiasts use regularly to stay connected, advice to keep in mind as you get started, and places you can go where everyone will know your name (removed for copyright infringement).

“A startup is not a smaller version of a large company. It’s a temporary organization designed to search for a scalable business model.” – Steve Blank

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Alumni Interview: Chris Brady


Meet Chris Brady, recent graduate of General Assembly Boston‘s 10-week Digital Marketing course. Chris is a Senior Digital Strategist at Velir, a full-service digital agency based in Boston that focuses on non-profit clients around the country.

1. What inspired you to pursue a career in digital marketing?

Throughout my career, I’ve had a trend of enabling the companies I work for to be successful online. When you see the impact that effective digital marketing can have on an organization, it is a really powerful opportunity. I like pushing the envelope of what is possible online and love that digital marketing is always evolving and changing.

I love the idea that you can’t get into the pattern where you approach something the same way. There are always new things to learn – or unlearn – everyday.

2. What is something you think marketers overlook?

I think the number one thing marketers need to do is to get outside of their own head in regards to the material they are producing. Often, messages go through so many hands internally that it is a strong reflection of the internal company.

It is much more important to get in the head of users, see their perspective, and identify what those users experience in their day-to-day lives that your marketing can address.

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What Is: Digital Brand Strategy



Faris Yakob is an award winning strategist, creative director, writer, public speaker and self-proclaimed geek.

Name: Faris Yakob (@faris)
Occupation: Strategist, Creative Director, Public Speaker, Writer. (Formerly Chief Innovation Officer of MDC Partners and founder of Spies and Assassins, a creative technology agency)

1. In 140 characters or less, what is Digital Brand Strategy?

How to deploy finite assets, budget, behavior & brand, to achieve predetermined business objectives, w/ digital platforms & customers.

2. What problem is a digital brand strategist solving? Why are they sitting at the table?

Strategy shouldn’t be fragmented into endless fractal versions of itself. All strategy is holistic, the direction of the whole towards the objectives of the whole.

Brand strategy, then, is a subset of strategy already, which takes business strategy and looks at how to best leverage the key intangible asset of the company – its brand.

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5 Steps for Getting Started in User Acquisition Marketing


Keep your goals in sight. You’ve made your resolutions — we want to help you keep them (at least the ones that aren’t food related). That’s why we’ve put together five simple things you can do to get started in User Acquisition Marketing.

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What Is: User Acquisition Marketing



Name: Anna Lindow (@AnnaLindow)
Occupation: General Manager – Campus, General Assembly

1. In 140 characters or less, what is user acquisition marketing?

The science that complements the art of building an audience and a brand. A quantitative approach to marketing with a specific goal of gaining customers.

2. If a website were a for-sale house, user acquisition marketing would be ______?

The real estate agent. A very data-savvy real estate agent.

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Does Every Startup Need a Growth Hacker?



This post originally appeared on Mattan Griffel’s blog, The Philosopher’s Guide to Startups.

In my last post I explain what a growth hacker is. Now I will argue that every startup needs a growth hacker.

Most startups find themselves facing the same problem: they build a product that very few people end up using.

Let’s say that your startup, Startuply has an idea for a new photo-sharing app. You assemble a team and start building it. At first it’s awful, it’s simply embarrassing. Your team encounters bugs and it takes much longer than you expected. Finally, six months later, you have a product you’re happy releasing.

In the days leading up to your launch, you get more and more excited. You figure that your app has all the features that the mainstream photo-sharing apps are missing – the ability to edit photos on the fly, more filters, Foursquare-integration, and the ability to easily curate and share other people’s photos. This is going to change everything.

When that day finally comes, you launch and… nothing happens.

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What is: Growth Hacking



This post originally appeared on Mattan Griffel’s blog, The Philosopher’s Guide to Startups.

I’m going to write a series of posts about Growth Hacking because I think it will be useful. I run a marketing agency for startups, and I identify myself as a growth hacker because during the course of my work I often implement various so-called “growth hacks“. Due to a recent and well-read post by Andrew Chen, the term has become quite popular. But people often ask me where they can read more about growth hacking, and I’ve found there’s no one resource for to send people to if they want to learn more about growth hacking. I hope these posts can serve as that resource.

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Why Entrepreneurs Need to Stop Making “Brand” a Dirty Word



Brand is a dirty word to many entrepreneurs, but their skepticism comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of what brand is.

Brand is a lot more than just your name, logo or visual identity.

A strong brand should crisply encapsulate the role your organization plays in the world, and it should act as a filter to guide your business decisions. While a clever name and logo can set you apart from some competitors, a strong brand is what gets you your funding, builds your engaged community of users, and creates a focused vision for the future.

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