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Chart Your Course: Which General Assembly Class Is Right for You?


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However you want to come at your next career or business idea, we at General Assembly have a class to help you do it. With on-campus courses in 12 cities—including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, London, Sydney, and Hong Kong—and online classes available everywhere, it’s just a matter of making your next move. Which will it be? Here are a few questions to help you find an educational opportunity that fits your goals and lifestyle.

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Perks, Storage, and Multiple Users: 3 Ways to Get People to Pay for a Freemium Product


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More than five years ago, Chris Anderson wrote in a seminal Wired article that, “The Web has become the land of the free.” Since this declaration, there have been some extraordinary freemium success stories including Dropbox, Spotify, CandyCrush, and Evernote.

But detractors have also emerged, such as Dmitri Leonov, who feel that for many companies, the freemium model doesn’t make sense. Leonov, a VP at Sanebox, wrote in an op-ed for Mashable that “by charging nothing for your service you’re actually anchoring that value in your customer’s mind, making it harder to raise the price later.”

So why would users ever opt for a paid product, instead of sticking with the free option? Before your freemium launch, take a look at how limiting features, space, and the number of users can provide a clear incentive to purchase the premium version.

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Learn From the Best: Most Inspiring CEOs To Follow on LinkedIn


Richard Branson

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It’s Official: LinkedIn has emerged to claim its place as the better-dressed, networking-savvy big brother of all social media platforms. Although you may already appreciate the site for its infinite utility during a job search, there’s even more to be gleaned by following the influential and thought-provoking CEOs who come there to share their wisdom.

Although fewer than 1/3 of Top 500 CEOs use social media, according to Forbes, those that do are overwhelmingly active on LinkedIn. Even more telling, the site is actually more popular with CEOs than it is with the general public.

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6 Essential Skills for a Successful Career in the 21st Century



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With the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reporting the creation of a projected 20.5 million new jobs between 2010 and 2020, there’s never been a better time to brush up your skillset, dust off your resume, and find the perfect career. But the unique needs of technology-driven commerce dictate that certain skills will naturally have greater value than others. If you focus your effort on the areas that promise the greatest dividends, you’ll likely be rewarded with a handsome payout.  Continue reading

Collaboration Meets Competition: The Power of the Hackathon


Wikimedia Hackathon 2013, Amsterdam via Flickr

Wikimedia Hackathon 2013, Amsterdam via Flickr

Remember those all-night cramming sessions in college, when you would overcaffeinate, stay up for days, and muster all the focus you could to finish a paper or prepare for a test? Imagine a room full of computer programmers, developers, visionaries, and marketers doing the same thing for a day, a weekend, or even a full week. Instead of cramming, they are competing to create prototypes that innovate on a theme or improve upon an existing project. It’s called a hackathon, and it is has become a regular part of how technology companies do business. In fact, the power of the hackathon has extended beyond the tech industry into countless other sectors.

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5 Signs You Just Might Be a Product Manager



Because of its breadth, product management is one of those roles that can be pretty nebulous. An IBM description for the role of Product Manager defines a PM as “responsible for managing the full product lifecycle; from strategic planning through product development, product launch and post-launch activities.”

If you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that you’re a product manager in disguise but aren’t quite sure, ask yourself some of the following questions.

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Social Media vs. SEO: Which Is More Important?


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As with the Mommy Wars and the Cola Wars, sometimes the media is compelled to draw battle lines where none are needed. The latest skirmish might be called the Click Wars. In one corner we have search engine optimization. In the other corner we have social media. Which is the more important digital marketing tool?

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Why Liberal Arts Majors Need Technical Skills


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When people think of liberal arts they most commonly think of majors like history, literature, writing, language, or philosophy. All of these hold weight when applying for a job; companies will always need people that know a second language, can write a terrific white paper, or reason with clients as a sharp, analytical thinker.

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From the Desk of Matt and Katie Iles, Instructor Fellows for Digital Marketing


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We love what General Assembly stands for. For us, it’s a place of tremendous energy and go-getter attitudes. Every member of the community wants to build and collaborate and learn, creating a truly exciting environment to teach.

We feel strongly about being leaders within the General Assembly community, at least when it comes to our discipline. We take pride and ownership over our curriculum and our school of thought. We love working with students to collaborate and mold them into communicative, skilled and confident marketers. One of the best parts about teaching is the ability to watch a class grow together and change each other. We’ve learned new ways to approach our discipline every time we teach. Especially in today’s fast-moving economy, it’s so critical that General Assembly makes it possible to learn new skills and improve expertise. We’re excited to be a part of that every day.

Our teaching experience has been rewarding well beyond the classroom; we’ve actually hired 4 former students. It’s proven to be a great alternative to a headhunter!

Meet Matt and Katie

Matt and Katie Iles, Co – Founders of Nine Lines and Tycoon.

Katie studied neuroscience and chemistry at Duke University before launching a career focused on consumer behavior. She specializes in data analysis and experimental testing, bringing a research-oriented approach to her work.

Matthew studied marketing and sociology at Duke University before embarking on a career focused on digital strategy. He specializes in digital marketing and user experience, bringing a creative approach to his work.

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