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GA Tours theAudience HQ


The Entertainment space and LA are no strangers at General Assembly. We are continuously striving to create enriching experiences, and this one did not fall short. Through a partnership with theAudience and Digital Marketing courses at our LA campus, students were invited to West Hollywood to experience first-hand what goes down in the world of social data around celebrities and talent.

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Introduction To The NYC Startup Community


Whether you’re looking to found your own startup or wishing to become a part of a budding team, getting acquainted with the New York tech scene can be somewhat overwhelming. To help you navigate your way through this complex web (pun intended), we’ve put together a comprehensive guide full of resources NYC startup enthusiasts use regularly to stay connected, advice to keep in mind as you get started, and places you can go where everyone will know your name (removed for copyright infringement).

“A startup is not a smaller version of a large company. It’s a temporary organization designed to search for a scalable business model.” – Steve Blank

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Eye On Alumni: Chris Place


GA Hong Kong Product Management graduate, Chris Place, already had his product in place. He just needed help taking it to the next level.

Meet JUMP, “The first charging solution that fits your lifestyle.”

Chris began working on JUMP with his team at Native Union as a product designer. He came to GA to help realize the potential of the product by realizing his potential as a product manager. We recently caught up with Chris to learn more about JUMP and how his time at GA was able to empower him to take on more responsibility within the project.

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GA 2013 Year-End Snapshot


2013 was a big year at General Assembly.

In 2013, we offered 96% more classes, workshops and events, 428% more total hours of educational programming worldwide, and grew our community by 74% compared to last year.

And to accommodate this growth, we opened a beautiful new campus in Los Angeles, acquired more space in NYC, set up shop in Brooklyn and partnered with 1776 to offer our educational programming in Washington, DC.

We’ve grown our community and our footprint a lot in 2013, and we’re just getting started.  GA has a lot of really exciting things planned for 2014 to build upon the incredible momentum from this year, but before we settle into the new year, check out a couple of highlights from 2013:

And in case you’re wondering how this measures up to last year, here’s our 2012 year-end snapshot.

Alumni Interview: Kelly Senyei



Meet Kelly Senyei, professional chef, founder of Just a Taste and GA Business Fundamentals and Tactics graduate.

What were you doing before you came to GA?

Prior to enrolling in the Business Fundamentals and Tactics program at GA, I was working at Condé Nast as an editor at and I was also running my site, Just a Taste, part-time.

What brought you to GA?

I was inspired to enroll in the Business Fundamentals and Tactics program at GA because I wanted to transform my site from a part-time hobby to a full-time business. I come from the creative side and never felt like I had learned the basic business principles to make it happen, so I enrolled in what I viewed as “business bootcamp” at GA. The program was informative, inspiring and empowering.

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Top 10 Front Row Video Countdown


The final countdown. We’re celebrating the New Year by looking back at the most popular videos from 2013. Join us on Thursday, 26 December from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm for a free Top 10 Front Row Video Countdown, featuring the most-viewed videos from the past year.

GA Bytes: Taste The Art of the Cold Call


Welcome to our new weekly series, GA Bytes. Each week we’ll be serving up a sampling of Front Row, our library of on-demand and live-streaming online classes. Today we’re tasting “The Art of The Cold Call” with Michael Roderick.

Whether it’s for sales, a career change, or networking, cold calling and emailing can be beneficial. Move past the initial stress with these tips from Michael Roderick.

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Corporate to Startup: How One GA Student Made the Leap



Meet Jesse Owens II, a spring 2013 Product Management graduate, and currently a Product Manager at Imagine Easy Solutions.

1. What were you doing before you came to GA?

During my six years at JP Morgan, I served in a number of roles in the Asset Management and Investment Bank lines of business, from Server-Side Java Developer, Production Support Analyst, to Technical Business Analyst.

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Elias Roman, CEO of Songza, on The Future of Music Consumption


The Future of Music

In the future, you will spend less time searching for music, and spend more time listening to it. With the help of technology, music will fit even more perfectly and seamlessly into different moments of your day. Why do I believe that we are headed in this direction? For these four reasons:

  1. The technology that drives our music consumption will feel more human, because it will be more human.
  2. The best music experiences will be driven by a marriage of algorithmic optimization and expert human curation. Think: personalized, opinionated, intuitive, and scalable.
  3. The sacred element will be what you are doing or feeling – your context. With so much good content available, the right content will be whatever improves your current context. Context will dethrone content as king.
  4. Music is already so inextricably linked to lifestyle. It will become more so as it becomes more and more driven by the things you do. As a result, music will be an even bigger factor in the brands you associate with, the products you buy, and the non-music media and apps you consume.

With this shift in the music industry and your listening behavior, technology will also expose you to a far greater variety of music than ever before. The future is sounding pretty good.

Elias Roman is the CEO of Songza, a music ‘concierge’ service that improves your life by streaming the perfect playlist for whatever you’re doing.

What industry do you think needs to be disrupted? Gain the technical skills to turn your ideas into reality in our Web Development Immersive Course:

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Get Your Free Copy of Alexis Ohanian’s New Book ‘Without Their Permission’


Photo of Alexis Ohanian

Alexis Ohanian has never stopped learning. Not even after he founded the news aggregator and online community Reddit, launched the travel website Hipmunk, started the social enterprise Breadpig, and actively campaigned against the SOPA and PIPA bills. (Full disclosure: Alexis is an investor in General Assembly.)

In his new book ‘Without Their Permission’, Alexis shares anecdotes and lessons learned from his many entrepreneurial endeavors. Part autobiography, part how-to guide, the book is full of wisdom and advice for aspiring Internet entrepreneurs.

We’ve partnered with Alexis to give away a free copy of ‘Without Their Permission’ to every person who signs up for GA’s online learning platform Front Row. Alexis has even picked out a curated playlist of his favorite classes to get you started.

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