What Is Brand Storytelling And Why Is It Important?



When it comes to selling a product or service, brand storytelling is an effective marketing tactic used to grasp and maintain the attention of your target audience. An estimated 2.5 billion pieces of content are shared each day, making compelling storytelling a must in order to standout. I recently taught a General Assembly brand storytelling workshop and have a few takeaways worth sharing:

What is Brand Storytelling?

Brand Storytelling is the ability to create an ongoing narrative about your product (without actually making your product the focal point). As a small business owner, you must find ways to be creative, yet subtle at selling your products/services. Customers are more likely to buy products when they don’t feel like they’re being persuaded or pushed into it. Think about Nike as a great example of effectively using brand storytelling to create customer loyalty. When watching Nike ads you’ll notice its focal point is barely on Nike shoes, instead the focal point is on athletes and Nike’s ability to tell the story of high-performing athletes. This is the art of brand storytelling.

Create Your Brand Narrative using Compelling Content.

Brand storytelling is most effective when it compels people to act (in this case to buy). When there’s compelling content behind a cause, a product, or a service it has a better chance of being consumed by your target audience. When trying to grasp and maintain the attention of your targeted customers, consider using infographics, pictures, Gifs, and video to tell your brand story.

Be Engaging.

There’s nothing worse than a brand that constantly puts out one-way content. Content that communicates a message, without provoking consumers to respond or comment. That is the exact opposite of brand storytelling. Brand storytelling is relatable, engaging, and relevant to its targeted customers.

To create sustaining brand awareness and customer loyalty, small business owners must shift the focus from its products/services and onto its brand through the use of brand storytelling.

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Krystal Glass is an instructor at General Assembly and the CEO of Krystal Glass Communications, a communications firm specializing in small business marketing and brand storytelling.