The 3 Best To-Do Apps for Gmail Users


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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, or stay-at-home parent, increasing productivity is always a good thing. And with the variety of devices and software available to help us stay organized, it can be easier than ever.

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But no one needs or wants one more account to manage (password fatigue is a real thing, ok?). These three to-do list apps integrate with your existing Gmail account (a major plus for companies using Gmail as their email client), turbocharging the power of the platform to help you prioritize and track tasks without requiring the creation or maintenance of additional accounts. One less thing to do! You’re already making progress.


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Although it’s one of the longest-established task management apps around, Todoist continually makes strides in advancing their technology to keep up with user demands. The app allows you to turn inbox messages into tasks, add them to existing projects, set deadlines, and delegate/share tasks with others. It also enables you to add notes and attach files, keeping documentation for tasks centralized and easy to access (another time-saver).

Platforms & Devices Supported:

Windows, Mac OS, Android, iPhone, Amazon Fire Phone, iPad, Android Tablet.


Intuitive, collaboration-focused, highly customizable.


 Although the plugin is free, premium accounts are required to unlock the juicier available features.


Free for basic, $29/year for Premium.


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For an even simpler hands-on take for getting stuff done, Handle offers a zero-inbox-ninja approach. The anticipated service, now in Beta, offers intuitive task management that whittles down your inbox while creating your to-do list. Their inbox-clearing interface easily allows you to assign and prioritize tasks; reply, archive, and even unsubscribe with a single keystroke or tap; and work across desktop and mobile platforms.

Platforms & Devices Supported:

Web (Safari and Chrome), iPhone.


Perfect for email power users, organizes tasks straight from your inbox, free.


Limited device availability.


Free (for now).


GQueues image

Arguably the most robust, comprehensively integrated task management application for Gmail (not to mention the most cleverly named), GQueues offers in-depth sorting and classification for automation-hungry task masters. By setting filters similar to those used by Gmail to sort incoming mail and apply labels, GQueues Smart Queues sorts tasks to make them easier to find and manage. They also offer color-coded task tagging (so you can see all related tasks with a single click), impressive search functionality, and a powerful assignment capability for delegating and managing tasks, as well as monitoring (and documenting) their state of completion.

Platforms & Devices Supported:

 Chrome and Web, Android, iPhone, iPad.


Google Drive integration, smart filter-based Queues, powerful search, true Gmail integration.


Free version offers only limited functionality.


Free for Lite, $25/year with price breaks for multiple users (as low as $10/year for 25+ users).

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