The Best Places to Look For a New Job



Whether you’re switching careers or starting a new one, the job hunt can be rigorous. Figuring out how to prove that you’re the perfect fit is a lot easier if you’re looking for new career opportunities in the right places.

To get started, figure out what it is that you truly want to be doing and then narrow your search. The more honed in you are on you skills, expertise and passion, the more likely you’ll find something that you really want to be doing. Don’t just apply for anything and everything to get hired somewhere. If you go that route, you might end up back at the beginning before you know it.

Some of the best places to look for jobs might be a little easier that you thought. Consider these three online tools when you’re ready to start your search.

1. Specific Job Search Engines

Unlike a traditional job search engine, The Muse is fun and easy to use! They act as your ultimate career search mentor, providing tons of educational resources along the way. This hub of information will walk you through building your resume and cover letter, preparing for a job interview or learning a new skill through an online class.



They have over 2,000 open jobs that are consistently updated. The best part about this site is the insight they give you into some of the best companies hiring. You’ll learn more about who they are, see photos of the office and even hear from some of their employees on what it’s like to work there. It’s truly a great way to really get to know a company and whether it could be a good fit before moving forward. You can also apply for jobs through their site or save ones that interest you to your favorites.

2. Your Favorite Company

Sometimes knowing where to stay can be hard, so consider all the products, services and apps that you love and use every day. More than likely, you’re using them because they add value to your life—making it easier, faster or better. What would be better than working for your favorite company?



One of the best places to visit when looking for a new job is social media. You’ll often see your favorite companies, or stakeholders of these companies, post on Twitter about current job openings. They’re looking for great people that love what they do and that will seamlessly fit into their company culture.

Scott Harrison consistently posts or retweets anytime there is a current opening at his company, charity: water. It’s apparent how proud he is of his growing team and wants to be involved in the search. If you’re passionate about something make it your mission to stay current with company happenings.

3. Close Relationships.

Taking a class might do more than improve or add a new skill to your resume; It could actually open up doors to a new opportunity. Think about it—maybe your peer doesn’t have their dream job yet, but in a few months when they’re finished with the course, they might land that perfect career.

Building authentic relationships with students and teachers is not only great for future opportunities, but later down the road when you’re looking for some wildly talented individual to grow your team, you’ll know exactly who to call!

Get out there and learn a new skill or attend a meetup! You never know you will meet.



Consider your job search strategy before your start the hunt.

The job market can be overwhelming and very competitive, so it’s most useful to search for new career opportunities in places you really want to be with like-minded passionate individuals.

Gain the skills you need to land your dream job.

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