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Zoe is a New York-based freelance writer with a focus on the arts and technology. She holds a degree in Art History with Comprehensive Honors from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and the Università di Bologna. Her writing has been published by art and design online startups, digital magazines, and print publications including Architizer, Core77, HighSnobiety, Milk Studios, Disegno Daily, and Photograph Magazine.

The Top 5 Highest-Paying Careers in Tech (2022)


Careers in tech

It’s no secret. Tech talent is in high demand across industries, but finding people with the skill sets to fill these roles has been challenging, causing competition amongst businesses for talent in tech — in software engineering, UX design, data science, and digital marketing. As a result, jobs in data analytics, computer science, cloud computing, software engineering, digital marketing, and others pay well.

So what does “pay well” really mean? Using data from PayScale, Glassdoor.com, we’ve put together the numbers for the most common entry level tech jobs. (Note: salary levels quoted below are for the U.S. and can vary from country to country.)
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